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4 Tips On How To Stay Safe From Dangerous Slip And Fall Accidents

4 Tips On How To Stay Safe From Dangerous Slip And Fall Accidents


Accidents of this type can literally happen to anybody. Even if you’re the most cautious person in the world, a momentary lapse of attention can cause something like this. You could be thinking of some personal issues, or focusing on something else and then bam, you end up on the floor.

The U.S. Department of Labor recently stated that slips, falls and trips are the most common causes of general industry accidents. It seems like a lot of people nowadays are quite careless or clumsy. But don’t worry! You can prevent this from happening by following these tips below!


Smart Tips To Prevent Slips, Trips, And Falls


Get Rid Of Obstacles in Walkways And Aisles

Clutter, various obstacles, equipment in aisles, entranceways, corridors, and different materials can all potentially cause trips that lead to injuries. If you want to prevent this, then you should have regular housekeeping in traffic and work areas.

This means that you hire someone who is going to properly clean the area, especially parts of the space where waste or scrap material is a by-product of the work functioning. So what can you do?


  • Make sure to keep all work areas, service areas, storerooms, and passageways clean
  • Do not leave files, boxes, or briefcases in the aisles (this refers to office areas)
  • Steer clear of cables, stringing cords, and air hoses across designated aisles 
  • Stimulate your employees to perform safe work practices
  • Conduct period inspection from time to time for trip and slip hazards


Focus On Identifying The Potential Cause

One of the best things that you can do when it comes to this is to determine the main cause of these types of mishaps. If you identify them, you’ll be able to drastically decrease these incidents and, at the same time, protect both yourself and the people you work with. In case you’re ever a victim of wet floor slip and fall accidents, make sure to hire a reputable lawyer. So what are the main causes of these kinds of disasters?


  1. Uneven floor surfaces
  2. Wet floors
  3. Trailing Cables
  4. Low-quality lighting 


Anything Else Worth Suggesting?

Make Sure You Have The Right Shoes 

At first glance, it may seem irrelevant, however, bear in mind that the type of shoes you wear can actually play a huge role in preventing various types of injuries at work. For instance, the types of heels you have, along with the slickness of the soles, should definitely be assessed if you want to avoid any slips and falls.

Now, let’s not forget that you must always check your shoelaces to see if they are tied properly. Whenever someone experiences a fall-related injury at work, the footwear is usually investigated to see if it contributed to this accident. Precisely because of this, people are always advised to purchase high-quality footwear for work. 


Provide Step Stools

Ensure everybody has ladders and step stools within their reach. Namely, they can decrease the chances of falls by helping your workers reach every height with maximum safety.



Even though nobody can guarantee you that you’re not going to stumble or fall, keep in mind that a lot of these incidents are actually preventable. Just make sure you are implementing everything that’s been written here, and you’ll do just fine.

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