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5 Benefits of Dry Brushing

Today – 5 Benefits of Dry Brushing

Want to improve your skin, immune and lymphatic system in just 5-10 minutes a day? You’ll want to add dry brushing to your daily routine. Not only is it simple to do, its also incredibly inexpensive and can easily be done even when you’re away from home.


Benefits of Dry Brushing


5 Benefits of Dry Brushing


What is dry brushing?

Dry brushing is fairly self-explanatory. You simply brush your skin in a way that exfoliates it with a dry brush. This is typically recommended to do in the morning before a shower, as one of the benefits of dry brushing is how energizing it can be.

Your skin is your largest organ and it absorbs a lot of toxins while it’s trying to protect your body. Dry brushing removes old layers of skin, aiding in the growth of new cells.


How to dry brush

Once you purchase a natural bristle brush with a long handle to reach every inch of your body, you’re ready to start to dry brush. Always dry brush in the shower or on a surface that you don’t mind skin falling on.

It’s recommended to start at your hands and your feet and brush towards your heart. Brush each area a few times and repeat until you’ve brushed your entire body. Start lightly, especially on sensitive areas, and gradually press harder as you continue to dry brush. When you’re done, hop in the shower (if possible) to get rid of everything that your dry brushing removed.

If you have dry skin or want to ensure that the dry brushing doesn’t leave your skin too sensitive, rub on your favorite body tonic or even coconut oil after your shower.

Dry brushing should be done 1-2 times a day.


What are the health benefits of dry brushing? 

There are tons of benefits of dry brushing, especially for the immune and lymphatic system.


Detox Your Skin 

Not only will you remove dead skin cells, dry brushing also helps remove toxic substances that reside on the top layers of your skin. As you sweat, unwanted dirt and particles appear on the surface of your skin. Dry brushing quickly helps remove these particles and aids in helping your body continue to rid itself of toxins.


Restore Your Skin

Once you remove those dead skin cells and the unwanted dirt/particles, you’re making room for growth of new skin cells. Dry brushing makes way for your skin to repair damaged tissue. This can’t be done until the dead skin cells and unnecessary particles have been cleared away. Dry brushing is a quick way to do this.


Massage Your Skin

Everyone knows that massages feel better when someone else is doing it for you. Luckily, dry brushing is one of those things that feels almost as good when you do it yourself.

Choose a brush that fits your preference so you can get the most enjoyment out of it. Some brushes are softer and are better suited for sensitive skin (or even dry skin.) The point is not to damage the skin – it’s meant to exfoliate it and gently remove dead skin and particles.


Stimulate Your Lymphatic System 

Your lymphatic system is made up of tissues and organs that aid in removing the toxins, waste and unwanted matter from your body. Dry brushing is a great way to kick start your lymphatic system with little effort. This is one of the best benefits of dry brushing, as it will help you remove even more unwanted toxins when you’re brushing.


Benefits of Dry Brushing

Clean and Shrink Your Pores 

Dry brushing is a great way to exfoliate, meaning it will help clear out of your pores. You can remove excess oil, dirt, makeup, and residue with dry brushing. If you’re dry brushing your face, use a smaller and even a gentler brush to not irritate it too much.

For how simple it is to dry brush, the benefits of dry brushing are massive. Now it’s time to go buy a dry brush and get to exfoliating!

I do hope you have found this post on the 5 5 Benefits of Dry Brushing useful.



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