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5 Fun Facts About New York You Probably Didn’t Know About

There are only a few things that beat experiencing the initial view of the Manhattan skyline. Nothing can get you ready for it, not even after you’ve seen it in dozens of films. We also can’t get enough of seeing it with our own eyes on every trip to New York. This explains why New York is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet.

Despite its small size, New York has produced more revolutionary and historical occurrences than some nations. Furthermore, many experienced tourists might believe that New York City offers nothing fresh to discover. But TravelWise shows that is not the case.

New York is still a multilayered city that is constantly evolving. You’ll discover there’s more to this city than you may have imagined after reading these interesting facts about New York. Join us as we take you on this eye-opening journey.


Fun Facts About New York


1.  The City Was First Named Amsterdam

Yes, let’s start at the beginning with these New York facts! You may be surprised to learn that New York was once something else entirely. Since the first people to settle in the area around 1624 were Dutch, many initially knew the area as New Amsterdam. However, the English seized control of the city in 1664 and gave it the Duke of York’s moniker.

Furthermore, some of the most recognizable locations in New York originally had Dutch names. Brooklyn was Breukelen, Wall Street was Waal Straat, and Harlem was Haarlem.


2.  The Story Behind ‘The Big Apple’

Both the official name of the city and one of its nicknames have fascinating backstories. In the 1920s, prizes given out at horse racing events were referred to as “Big Apples.” New York became known as “the best” or “the ultimate” prize, so many journalists and musicians began calling it that.

The Big Apple became an official moniker in 1971, thanks to a push by New York’s tourism board to increase travel after negative publicity. Are you curious about some other names for New York? Empire City, City of Dreams, and The City That Never Sleeps are the three principal ones.


3.  New York City saw the opening of the country’s first pizzeria

The fun fact about food in New York is undoubtedly one of our favorites and one of yours. The Pizza Hall of Fame certifies that the first pizzeria in the United States opened its doors in New York City in 1905. Located at 32 Spring Street, Lombardi’s Pizza continues to thrive and is currently among the approximately 1,600 pizzerias in the city.

New Yorkers have noticed that pizza prices rise with subway ticket prices. It’s referred to as “the pizza principle.” There would be some delighted pizza fans if someone could persuade Lombardi’s to return to their 1905 pricing of five cents per slice.


4.  People Speak Over 800 Languages In New York

Without including the city’s diverse population, no list of fascinating facts about New York can be considered comprehensive. The residents of the city speak about 800 different languages collectively. One-third of New Yorkers were born abroad, and nearly half of the households there speak more than one language. One in every 38 Americans also calls New York home, making it the US city with the largest population.

We’re filling you with all of these additional New York City facts. However, you will undoubtedly agree that New York would only be the same with its diverse range of cultural impacts.


5.  The Presence Of A Whispering Gallery In Grand Central Terminal

When it comes to New York sightseeing: top 22 most visited attractions, we have been here! An incredible architectural feat is underway in the domed walkways of New York’s well-known Grand Central Terminal. A single individual can speak quietly to another if they stand in one corner of the tiled wall and another person stands on the other side. And it will be audible to the other person!


The reason for this is the flawless arches, and there are numerous other whispering galleries on the globe. Another is London’s St Paul’s Cathedral. Easily, one of the most entertaining facts about New York is this. The next time you are in town, you must try it.

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