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5 signs your child may need an eye test

Today – 5 signs your child may need an eye test


It is often easy to overlook the obvious when it comes to health care.

We can assign all sorts of psychological reasons or behaviour traits to issues that arise when actually the reasons behind such issues can  be simply phsycial.

In regard to children we may think they are reluctant to read because they have felt ‘pressured all day at school’ or because they are ‘not ready’ when actually maybe they are just struggling to see. Or perhaps we assume they are not working off the whiteboard at school because they are ‘too chatty’ or ‘lazy’ rather than they need support with their vision.

Sometimes missing the obvious clues of a health problem can really impact on well-being and effect performance long term.

Take a look at these signs your child may need an eye test.


Top five signs that your child may need an eye test, according to UK optometrists and GPs:

  1. Child struggling with close-up school work or reading
  2. Unable to see the whiteboard at school
  3. Child squinting or screwing up eyes
  4. Eyes not moving together
  5. Falling behind with school work

It would be pretty easy to ascribe other things to this behaviour, wouldn’t it? Which is why regular eye health check-ups are so very important.


signs your child may need an eye test


According to recent research by Optegra Eye Health Care, only three in 10 adults think their child falling behind with schoolwork may indicate they need an eye test. Optegra run eye hospitals and clinics across Europe and deal with all sorts of eye health issues and perform all sorts of interventions, from simple eye tests to laser eye surgery

Lots of parents assume that schools will provide eye tests but in many, many cases this is not what is happening.

Dr. Clare O’Donnell from Optegra states:

“We would urge parents not to take it for granted that their child’s vision will be screened at school, as not all schools do so. Having said that, it is often the case that the first time parents are alerted to a problem, it is by teachers. Check with your school office, and if vision screening is not performed at school, it is worth you arranging an eye test at your local optician when your child is around age four or five years old and at regular intervals thereafter.




My personal experience

I had glasses from a very young age and they corrected my vision problems so much so that in my 20’s I only needed glasses for reading. It really is so valuable to investigate potential eye issues from a young age.

Eye tests for under 16 year old’s are free in the UK, under the NHS, so they really are worth having and we should take advantage of them. Some people worry their children are too young to undertake an eye test but there is no need to worry that they aren’t at reading age as their are a range of tools and resources to check vision in younger children.

This is because around 80 per cent of what children learn is through sight. We need to make sure that our children’s sight is as good as it can be.

Do you take your child for regular eye tests?


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