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5 Ways Modern Contemporary Homes Can Let in Light and Air

Modern contemporary homes can be absolutely amazing, sleek and clean in their design and layout. They often require no work or alterations and you truly are purchasing a home all set to go. However, sometimes modern homes can feel a little cold and impersonal and lack the character and quirkiness of older traditional homes.

I think a great way to combat this is to bring nature in to the home, it adds a living breathing entity and substance. Maximising the light and air in a modern home can also add a wow factor.

Here are 5 ways  modern contemporary homes can, in my opinion, let in light, air and nature well.


Aluminum folding doors in Modern Contemporary Homes

Aluminium folding doors are a simply stunning way to magnify the light coming into a home and at the same  make a room look bigger.  With bifold doors you are creating, in effect, an almost total wall of glass that folds in on itself so the garden can be seen in all it’s beauty. No art is ever better than nature so this really does provide the most perfect view.  

I feel that being able to watch rain, sunshine and clouds pass by as well flowers grow and leaves fall from behind huge glass doors is a wonderful experience. I think every home should have folding doors they add so much to a property, letting the outside in  and opening a home up to nature.

How lovely too for children to be able to easily run in and out and for you to feel the breeze. There are just so many benefits with bifold doors. 





I have to admit I am a big fan of blinds rather than curtains in modern contemporary homes. I like that they can pull right back for maximum light exposure. If you do go down the curtain route my tip would be keep them neural coloured and un-patterned so they do not in any way detract from the view outside your window.


Retractable roofs

I adore a retractable roof and they are another  brilliant addition to modern contemporary homes. I like then best in two spaces. Firstly I love a retractable roof in a loft bedroom what a completely gorgeous way to see the stars or wake up to a bright and sunny morning from your bed. Ah, what a wondeful way to let the sky in.By being retractable of course you are also able to let in a lot of lovely fresh air.

Secondly these windows also work really well in the kitchen. Of course we want a lot of light in the kitchen but how wonderful to feel you are eating al fresco and how brilliant to be able to let those cooking fumes free.   

Airclos have a gorgeous range of these retractabe roofs and roof windows – do take a look. 

Natural light flooding your home will give you a lift day after day.




Bringing plants into your home is a beautiful way to bring in vibrant colour, energy, quirky lines and scent into your home and allow nature in. My flora and fauna favorites are ferns and winter jasmines .Wildflowers also contrast stylishly with the order of modern contemporary homes. You must find out what works for you.  



Clean windows

 And my last tip is if you invest in lovely bifold doors or retractable roof windows then it is essential you keep them sparkly clean if you want to let the light in. Invest in the right equipment and make giving your glass some love a regular part of your cleaning routine. 


Modern contemporary homes filled with light and air are just dreamy! 



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