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Valentine’s Day Nature Crafts

Nature is always romantic and always speaks to the heart in my opinion so what could be better than Valentine’s day nature crafts ?


“Love is not only something you feel, it is something you do.” – David Wilkerson




Saving the trees with Valentine’s Day Nature Crafts 

Did you know each year 1 billion cards are exchanged on Valentine’s day February 14th? That’s a whole lot of money spent and a whole lot of trees cut down.

So why not save your pocket money (and the trees) and give a nature art heart instead.  It could be a gift for s  a specific loved on even better it could be a gift to your community and to lighten and brighten a strangers heart.


Who would you make your Valentine’s Day Nature Crafts for?

Valentines week is the perfect time to get your nature craft on and give some love to your community. The idea is to create as many nature art hearts as you can out and about in your local areas. 

This secret love bombing project is guaranteed to make people smile. 

How many nature art hearts can you make?


You will need for your Valentine’s Day Nature Crafts 










  • Perhaps you could chalk a heart on the pavement and fill in the outline with leaves and flowers.


Valentine's Day Nature Crafts 

Valentine’s Day Nature Crafts 

  • Could you use a stick to draw hearts in soil or snow?


Valentine's Day Nature Crafts


Valentine's Day Nature Crafts 



  • How about love note hung from a tree on the back of some recycled card  using found nature treasures ( be sure to go back and collect it later)


Valentine's Day Nature Crafts

Valentine’s Day Nature Crafts 

If you do decide to leave your valentine nature crafts secretely out in your community then why not take some photos of the things you have made. Or hang and round nearby to see if anyone spots them?


More Valentine’s Day Nature Crafts 

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Valentine's Day Nature Crafts 


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Show off your Nature Crafts 

You might also like to share what you crest on Instagram so do take a peek at my Nature Quotes for Instagram too 


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