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Some Thoughts on Valentines Cards

I have been having some thoughts on Valentines Cards that I wanted to share with you.

I sent my first Valentines age 8 to a boy in my class at school called Dominic. who knows what I thought might happen but as I had kept it totally anonymous I got absolutely no reaction and was really upset.

I LOVE getting Valentine’s cards and sending them. I tend to buy my husband quite simple cards but for years all the ones I sent were cute.



Thoughts on Valentines Cards


Thoughts on Valentines Cards

Oh, the thrill to get one through the post. An old boyfriend kept sending them for years even when I was first married and that was the only contact he had. he would write. ..still, love you in them. Very sweet really.

Oh, how sad I would get if I didn’t get one! Blooming commercialisation of love I would chunter bitterly.

But what to write in one?


Thoughts on Valentines Cards

What to write in a Valentines card?

You could, of course, write a ? and leave your love to wonder. Over the years I have had a few with ? inside oh and the thrill when you genuinely don’t know who it is from.

You could instead write a love letter inside. My husband always writes just one of two lovely phrases and he calls me by my nickname and they are so sweet.

You could be saucy ( I have NEVER had a saucy card) or you could keep it very simple.

Love is many things secret, open, passionate, enduring, fun, fleeting, light, intense, lifelong. A valentines card will be given in many different spirits with as many different intentions. I have been married 10 years now I would be a bit shocked to get a secret valentine (but perhaps a little delighted.)


What are your thoughts on valentines cards?

Will you be sending a card…do you ever get a secret one? do you ever send a secret one?

I always used to send my grandad one. he loved it and retrospectively I am sure he knew!


thoughts on Valentines Cards

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Do share your thoughts on Valentines Cards with me


  1. Valentines Day pictures
    February 1, 2014 / 7:26 am

    Even I love Valentines cards very much. I used to make cards at home for girls, but could never give one to anyone. Now, as I have a girlfriend, I am going to celebrate this day with her. I also have prepared a nice Valentine’s Day card for her. Hope she likes it.

  2. Luci - Mother.Wife.Me
    January 28, 2014 / 10:11 am

    Hi Becky, just discovered your new blog. I’d love you to come and link up to #AllAboutYou, which is kind of the link & pin version of your blog – me-time moments away from parenting!! It’s over on Mother.Wife.Me every Tuesday.

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