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7 Way To Give Yourself A Mini Make-Over

Sometimes we don’t feel like our best selves, and we need to do just a little something to make ourselves feel better. The following is a quick list of tips to help you get to an even better version of yourself, to help you feel more confident and on top of the world again.


Give Yourself A Mini Make-Over


Change Your Hair

This step is always the most popular and obvious in makeovers, and for a good reason! Changing your hair can be the gateway to seriously levelling up your look. After all, a good haircut can help enhance your style, and natural features, making you feel great!

The level up from cutting your hair is changing the colour. Maybe you are a natural blonde who may suit trying out a rich auburn hair colour? Or even a brunette who may suit going blonde? The only caveat is that dyeing your hair can sometimes be damaging, especially if you do not use reputable hair dyes, so you should proceed with caution. You may also find that you do not want to commit to a new colour fully, which is why using semi-permanent hair dyes can be a great thing!


Paint Your Nails

Your hands are usually the body part you use the most; however, sometimes we can forget that this is a body part that could do with tender loving care.

By painting your nails, you can level up an element of yourself that you’re likely to notice the most. This is especially true if you use your keyword or phone to text. Your fingers will pop and help brighten your day. There are so many different colours, styles and designs to choose from when it comes to your nails. This tip can be very cost-effective if you decide to invest in some nail polish to paint your nails yourself or a special treat if you visit a nail salon for a nail treatment.


Buy New Perfume

A great way to instantly feel like a new person is to buy a new perfume. If you already have a perfume that you use quite often, its impact on you can wane due to your nose getting used to the smell over time.

 Incorporating new scents into your care allows you to feel reinvented and like a new person. Although perfumes can be expensive, there are also cheaper body spray alternatives that can work just as well.

Give Yourself A Mini Make-Over

Add Some Jewellery

Sometimes the simplest solutions can have the biggest impact on your style! Why not add a necklace, or even better, an extra necklace to your outfit if you already wear a few favourites? Adding earrings, bracelets, rings, and other body jewellery like waist chains can level up any simple outfit and give you that extra little lift. There are many different styles of jewellery to choose from, with so many different combinations of what you can wear, how you can wear it and the different styles of jewellery available.


Take Yourself Shopping

Maybe you need some retail therapy to get your sparkle back? There is nothing worse than finding some holes in your shirts or those favourite jeans just not sitting quite right anymore. By shopping for new clothes, you can feel yourself transform into a completely new person.

Although this tip can be expensive, it doesn’t have to be. You can always opt to shop at vintage or charity shops for exciting new finds that will have plenty of character. A lot of the time, items within these shops are one of a kind, so you will feel even cooler when you find them!



Although external changes to your appearance can greatly impact your self-esteem, those changes are what people can first notice about you. Therefore internal changes are sometimes even more important.

A great way to check in on yourself is to do some journaling. This can involve just getting all the thoughts and feelings you have in your head onto paper to work through any negative feelings you may be experiencing potentially. It can also be a great way to practice putting what may affect your confidence into words. Once those things are written down and faced head-on, you can start to work on solutions.

This step can take a lot of work and be difficult to work on fully; however, giving it a go can be a great positive forward step to working on yourself. Always remember that if you are struggling by yourself, there are many mental health services you can reach out to and many different online resources related to mental health that you can access for free.


Make Sure You’re Drinking Enough Water

Lastly, maybe you don’t feel great because you’re dehydrated. It can be easy to forget to keep hydrated, particularly during warmer weather. Although this step may seem out of place, it truly isn’t when it comes to your health and wellbeing. Staying hydrated can be a great way to ensure you feel your best.

Your health is important, and your body will thank you for drinking water. Feeling your very healthy best can hugely impact your physical and mental health, so checking in on your health is a very important step in giving yourself that mini-makeover. Stay hydrated and glow from the inside out!



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