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8 Important Reasons to Get Home Solar Panels, Kentucky

Reasons to Get Home Solar Panels


In recent decades, homeowners across America have considered whether going solar is the right move for their finances. Since 2010, solar panel systems have become more affordable and efficient, giving people more incentive to purchase them.

Some states make solar installation easier on a homeowner than others. One example of such is Kentucky. When you get the best solar panels Kentucky provides, you unlock several benefits unique to residents of this state.


8 Important Reasons to Get Home Solar Panels, Kentucky

What sort of benefits, you ask? In this article, we’ll explore just that! Read on to find eight reasons why Kentucky solar installation is perfect for you.

  1. Kentucky Solar Incentives 

One of the primary incentives for getting solar panels in Kentucky is the state’s net metering policy. This policy requires your utility company to provide you full credit for any surplus production from your panels. You can learn the details of this policy here. 

  1. Solar Panels Kentucky Tax Credit

Another reason for getting solar panels in Kentucky is the state tax credit. By US law, solar installation comes with a federal tax credit of 30%. In addition to this credit, Kentucky provides an extra $500.

  1. Tennessee Valley Authority Rebate

Potential savings don’t stop at the state level for Kentucky solar homes. Customers of the Tennessee Valley Authority receive an additional $1000 rebate when they purchase solar panels.

TVA customers also receive a feed-in tariff that equals the retail electricity price with an extra 2 cents per kWh. Since TVA is one of the most prominent utility companies in Kentucky, many homeowners receive these benefits.

  1. Reduced Solar Installation Cost 

Traditionally, the average cost of installing solar panels in the US runs around $20,000. However, with all of Kentucky’s solar credits, solar installation costs can fall to about $13,000. So, you can realistically pay off the panels in about 17 years.

  1. Increased Home Value

One of the much-celebrated advantages of solar installation is the increase it brings to your home value. People are more willing to purchase a house that already has solar panels installed. In fact, evidence suggests they’re willing to pay more for a solar home. 

  1. Kentucky Solar Panels are More Efficient

Another reason to install solar panels in Kentucky is their efficiency. Kentucky has sunny weather for much of the year, making it easy for solar panels to generate more electricity.

Not all states benefit from such conditions. Much of the Pacific Northwest, for example, has more cloudy and overcast weather.

  1. Reducing Electricity Costs

The promise of solar panels is that they pay for themselves. How does that work, you ask? When solar panels produce most of your electricity, they can either reduce or eliminate your electric bill. With that extra money, you can pay off your system more quickly.

  1. Helping the Environment

Most people have an interest in helping the environment, and solar panels provide an excellent way to do it. These panels can help reduce your carbon footprint by significant amounts. To seize on these benefits, search for a solar company near me!


Find Your Kentucky Solar PV System Today

As you can see, several benefits exist for going solar. So, find the best solar panels Kentucky can provide today!

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