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A Luxury Christmas Dining Room with Juliettes Interiors

 A Luxury Christmas Dining Room with Juliettes Interiors and how to recreate the look.


 luxury christmas dining room

Luxury Christmas Dining Room


A Luxury Christmas Dining Room

I have thought many times about having a luxury Christmas dining room and dressing it in exactly the way I please.

Juliettes interiors have the most gorgeous furniture and accessories and I have had such a wonderful time styling a Christmas dining experience around their pieces.

My theme – whilst very much luxury, is also muted and elegant. This allows a sumptuous Christmas feast to take centre stage with the perfect backdrop.

I would combine wood, silver and white with lots of light giving a nordic feel to this winter wonderland of dining. 

Juliettes interiors have a wonderful and wide range of luxury dining furniture but my heart was absolutely won by a stunning wooden Italian table. The rest of my dining room experience simply styled itself around it.


The perfect Christmas dining table – Luxury Christmas Dining Room

My table of choice  is both completely timeless and absolutely perfect for a Christmas feast.


Juliettes Interiors


This Modern Wooden Italian Rectangular Dining Table is handcrafted in solid oak by the finest Italian furniture makers. It is understated and absolutely beautiful. I love that it is so sleek and timeless and so natural looking too. It is the centre around which I would craft my luxury Christmas dining room




Large candles for a Luxury Christmas Dining Room

Candles are a must at Christmas, aren’t they? They adding a special glow to the festive occasion. I just adore these Tall Nickel Plated Designer Candle Stands

They are stylish and curved and a great contrast to the rectangular edges of the table,

The hammered silver nickel finish will reflect the candlelight so well and add a Christmas twinkle.  They come in gold too, but for me silver always wins the day. Just that tiny bit more subtle.


Luxury Christmas Dining Room


I love how enormous they are – they make such a  statement. They could almost replace a tree!

Aren’t they gloriously impactful.


Luxury Christmas Dining Room

Luxury Christmas Dining Room


Christmas flowers for a Luxury Christmas Dining Room

Flowers are a must-have for me on any dining table and at Christmas, I always go OTT on flowers. They would, of course, require a beautiful vase. I am loving this Platinum Plated Majolica Vase it would work beautifully with the candle holders above and looks stunning on a Christmas table. I do love a nice vase but it should never overshadow the flowers.


Luxury Christmas Dining Room


I would choose white and green for my Christmas flowers to bring my them to life. The Real Flower Company are the perfect choice for a Christmas bouquet. They sell ‘luxury flower bouquets made of exquisitely scented roses, flowers, herbs & foliage grown on… sustainable farms’ and they are stunning.

I absolutely love this pure bouquet made of  finest white and ivory rose  (not for me the red and glittery Christmas flower selection!)


luxury Christmas dining room



A centrepiece for a Luxury Christmas Dining Room

Wouldn’t these make the most stunning centrepiece? I would scatter a little mistletoe around the table too to add a subtle, festive effect.




If there is one thing I am always happy to spend money on it it is the lighting. Oh, how I adore good lighting and for my luxury Christmas dining room I would absolutely want something special. Nothing does bling quite like crystal. Still modern and minimalistic this Unique Contemporary Swarovski Crystal Wall Light would totally bring the wow factor to my understated but totally elegant theme. Stunning and simple but unmistakably festive.


luxury Christmas dining room


A  Luxury Christmas Dining Room needs fabulous and  Festive Food

The food is, of course, a vital element of every Christmas dining experience and I would absolutely fill my table with colourful veggies and a glorious vegan hazelnut roast. We would have homemade chutneys in little vintage jars too. For pudding, there would be a ruby red cranberry and pomegranate pie.

Oh, how vibrant and beautiful it would look on my gorgeous wooden table.

We would have the best chocolates, wonderful wine, excellent strong Italian coffee.


Luxury Christmas Dining Room



A luxury Christmas tree

My tree would be stunning: thick and tall, green and naturally scented pine. It would stand in a simple pot in the corner of the room and be adorned with nothing bar a few simple white lights. Nothing at all is as splendid or as luxurious at nature at her finest.  If you are going to decorate your tree, do take a look at my post on the right way to decorate a Christmas tree for some design inspo.



Tiny, but important details in a luxury Christmas dining room

I would have brown paper crackers handmade by the children. There would be name place settings on more brown cards with beautiful handwriting.  Stunning silver cutlery would be placed in sets with white satin ribbons tying them together.  I would have Vivaldi’s ‘Winter’ playing on low. I would have the scent of nutmeg and cinnamon in the air.

I am feeling so Christmassy now I have created A luxury Christmas dining room with Juliette’s Interiors.

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A Luxury Christmas Dining Room with Juliettes Interiors

A luxury Christmas dining room is a collaborative post with Juliettes Interiors


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  1. Juliettes Interiors
    October 24, 2019 / 7:50 am

    We LOVE the elegance and wonderfully simple, Nordic feel! Beautiful.

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