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An Alternative To Kitchen Replacement, Spray It Instead!

The kitchen is said to be the heart of a house, but with frequent usage and changing home décor trends, it might start to look outdated and antiquated. When a kitchen begins to look old, most homeowners will want to replace their cupboard doors or totally install a brand new kitchen. This is certainly a time-consuming and costly process, especially if a new kitchen is being installed. If your current cabinets are in good shape, re-painting them may be the solution.

The following are some of the advantages of having your kitchen cabinets resprayed, as well as a description of the process:


Advantages of Respraying Your Kitchen

Cheaper than a full kitchen replacement

Replacing your entire kitchen might cost hundreds of pounds, especially if you take into account the fee of hiring a kitchen installation firm to remove the old one and dispose of it. The cost of brand new kitchen cabinets, doors, and drawer fronts are all soon going to start to mount up. This doesn’t include any additional electrical appliances you may require such as a new cooker or hob. 

According to the website Householdquotes.co.uk, a typical new kitchen in the United Kingdom costs £8000, which doesn’t include installation!

For many homeowners, this is a significant amount of money, and one of the reasons why kitchen spray jobs are becoming more popular. It will be considerably less expensive to repaint your present kitchen than it would to install a brand new one. If your cupboard doors and drawer fronts are in good condition, they may be simply repainted. This method is ideal for changing the colour scheme of your kitchen without having to remodel it entirely.

This option is ideal for landlords who want to enhance the appearance of their kitchens quickly and inexpensively, whether they are seeking for new tenants or improving them for existing ones


Much quicker turnaround time

If you were to replace the entirety of your kitchen, you would first need to hire a kitchen fitter who would come around and “measure up.” They’ll come to your home and accurately measure your kitchen, after that they’ll need to wait until they have a drawing / plan of what units are necessary for your new kitchen. You’ll have to select the new units you want to install. 

You’ll have to spend weeks waiting for your new kitchen to arrive, then you’ll need to wait even longer for the installation. 

In the meantime, you’ll have to get rid of your old kitchen in some way. The kitten fitter will then need to spend a week fitting the new units after they’ve been delivered.

This can take a lot of time, while having your existing kitchen sprayed may take only a few days!

There are limitless colour options to choose

There are several different colours to select from when having your kitchen re-sprayed, so spraying firms can usually colour match to whatever you want. The most popular colours are from the RAL colour range, however Farrow & Ball’s high-quality, increasingly more fashionable colour options are also accessible.


Less Mess Produced Than Refitting & Less Intrusive to daily life

If you replace the entire kitchen, it might soon get filthy; it’s possible that there is a lot of dust in your home as a result of removing the old units, and it may spread throughout every room.

How are you going to prepare your meals after ripping out a kitchen? How will you cook your food when the appliances aren’t there anymore? Will you be washing your plates and mugs in the bath for a few weeks until your new kitchen is finished?

There is little mess when spraying, cupboard doors are removed and sprayed off site, and the only real mess comes from the masking films and paper used to cover surfaces that don’t need a new colour applied. These masking materials may be conveniently bagged up and discarded in your wheelie bin; there’s no need to hire costly skips


The Process of Respraying

Preparation of Surfaces

To apply spray paints to your kitchen doors and drawer fronts, they must be completely clean to ensure that all grime, grease, and dirt are removed from them. If you do not clean the surfaces, the new colour won’t stick properly and will peel off in no time at all.


Units Masked Off & Doors/Drawers Removed

After the units are removed, the doors and drawer fronts are sprayed. A professional kitchen cupboard spraying company will carefully transport them back to their industrial unit, where they will be sprayed in a dust-free environment.

Masking paper, polythene, and masking tape are all used to cover feature panels in the kitchen that can’t be taken down. This is done to rule out any “overspray” on surfaces after a new colour is applied.


Professional Finish Achieved By Spraying

When it comes to painting a kitchen, only spray application provides for a professional finish. You may see DIY strategies on YouTube that employ small sponge rollers, even with sponges the results are far superior than those achieved with a paint brush but nothing compares to the finish you can get with a spray gun.



Many homeowners and landlords are seeking for more cost-effective methods to extend the life of their kitchen cabinet doors, giving them a newer, more modern appearance. Spray painting them in a new sleek colour that complements the rest of the house is one of the most effective ways to do this.


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