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Beautiful Staircases

Beautiful staircases

Beautiful staircases


Beautiful Staircases

How often do you think about your staircase?

I always feel it is one of the most neglected of our interior features and we not only neglect thinking about our staircases we also neglect making anything of it or taking care of it – and really, we just take it for granted.

This is a shame though as a staircase works so very hard for us, doesn’t it? Up and down the stairs we go all day, back and forth. A staircase is absolutely a key feature of our home, it is heavily used and seen by all. It definitely requires some TLC.

What kind of condition is yours in? Mine is looking shoddy; it is wooden and carpeted, the carpet needs replacing and some of the wood has come unstuck a little. It is looking a tad shabby. It definitely is in need of some heavy TLC


Beautiful Staircases & renovations

A staircase renovation can absolutely transform the whole look of your home. Beautiful staircases are game changes when it comes to home decor and design.

Abbot-Wade provides bespoke staircase renovations across the country.

When it comes to ‘staircase renovations there are a lot of options. You can have sand and varnish, you could have a carpet steam clean, you could even replace your carpet. Or you could go much, much further.  A friend of mine recently had a perspex panel inserted at the side of her stairs and it looks so slick and modern, perfect for a contemporary home. A staircase can make a style statement all on its own and also work to really unify a theme.



From adding bronze or glass, or steel or feature steps or fluted spindles there is so much that can be done to refurbish update or renovate your staircase. It just needs a little attention for it to be the stand out home feature it really should be. Beautiful staircases really are worth the effort.

Now I’ve got to make some decisions about what to do with mine


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