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Best Positano Villas for a Vacation in 2021

Best Positano Villas for a Vacation in 2021

Leaving behind the monotonous routine, everyone deserves to find heaven on earth to spend a blissful leisure time, and Positano is one of the places that fit the description. It’s a village on the southern side of the Amalfi coast in Italy.

Narrow streets with cobblestoned pathways enhance the beauty delivered by the environment of a beautiful beach town named Positano. If you are planning a vacation to Italy, check out these Positano villas on My Rental Homes.

Best Positano Villas for a Vacation in 2021

Best Positano Villas for a Vacation in 2021

Some gorgeous ideas …



Positano, the village of your dreams, now embodies luxury in the form of elite villas. These picturesque residences also include the luxurious and elite historical villa named “Villa Positano”. The restoration of this villa goes well with the history and events this abode has witnessed.

It is positioned at a perfect angle to provide amazing sceneries of landscapes, hence utilising this village’s natural beauty to the fullest. Villa Positano is famous for its mind-blowing sceneries and rich with the facilities of AC, WIFI, swimming pool, and hospitable staff who takes care of the guests throughout their stay.

Talking about its architecture, a panoramic terrace covers the ground floor and a bathroom downstairs, a fully furnished dining room, kitchen equipped with an oven operated by burning wood, a spacious living room and 2 bathrooms are provided downstairs. If we talk about the 1st floor’s architecture, this villa has a lot to it. 4 double bedrooms with internal communication and a connection to the exquisite panoramic terrace. The infinity pool also has a shower area and a garden.

No additional costs are charged for kitchen, waiting and cleaning services but guests are required to pay 2000 euros for food, drinks and additional services.


In the heart of Positano, only 0.3miles from the nearest beach is the Villa Roberto. This luxurious residence sports 4 bedrooms that can accommodate 8 people. It also has free parking. The majolica tiles make the living room remarkable, and a terrace lets you witness the sea view stretching across the horizon. The terrace is also equipped with sunbeds to warm you with the dazzling sunlight and a shower.


The star feature of this villa is that it is perched at the top of the mountain. By the location of this villa, you can imagine how beautiful the view would be from up there.

This house prides in its modern and antique architectural design, with its most antique Italian decor. It also comes with the traditional Italian majolica tiles along with vaulted ceilings and magnificent archways. The commodities which come along this villa include air conditioning, a television, ceiling fan, dishwasher, a barbeque grill and much more.


This 3-bedroom house is located near the Positano’s main road and has plenty of access to all the accommodations Positano offers. Not only that, but Viale Pasitea is also equipped with a romantic terrace, spacious enough to arrange a party or dinner. It also sports a garden with many plants and flowers to add colour to the view.










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