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Empty beaches and Good Friends


Bits of lovely from my month include empty beaches and good pals

Well last week I  was ‘off blog’ as holidaying in Norfolk with my family. Life has been rather wonderful with the kids being off school, it’s making me wonder whether schooling is quite the thing or if we need more adventures.

Anyway, that is a whole massive other subject. It is back to routine today but before I crack on with a whole, huge rather daunting pile of work I am happy to be sharing my bits of lovely from the last week or so with you.


Empty beaches

I have always loved empty spaces, uncluttered open landscapes and last week the beaches in Norfolk gave us exactly that. Heacham beach was the perfect place to play cricket and collect shells and we walked for miles over the sand at Holkham beach with not a soul in sight . It rested my soul and made me so happy to have such glorious space all to ourselves. If you are looking to vistI have to recommend these luxury cottages in Holkham


empty beaches


Sunshine days

I love the sun, probably my favourite song in the world is Sunshine on my Shoulder by John Denver.

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy
Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry
Sunshine on the water looks so lovely
Sunshine, almost always, makes me high

We had one day of gorgeous sunshine whilst we were away, the family freckles are out and it mad eus all so happy. Come on Summer-time we are ready for you!

Strumming along

More guitar lessons since our return and it is such a challenge for me to think in notes and make my hands do as they are supposed to. How I love my lessons with my daughter and  to be able to play a few simple tunes. I am sure it is good for my brain to be stretched like this too.
2015-2016 2622

Good friends

I have been having a dieting blip this past week and oh my supportive lovely friends who have cheered me on and through. Good friends are so very precious aren’t they for the ups and downs, the serious and trivial. I have very little family and my friends mean the world to me. I am blessed indeed with good ones.




My children are growing up and turning into kind and caring young adults who I am very proud of. My daughter has started to take an interest in growing things herself and has been weeding planting and planning the garden with me. How wonderful to see.
lise garden


Time to play

Whilst at the seaside Frankie and his daddy spent hours in the rock pools gently lifting rocks and looking at the animals. Then they had a good old splash in the sea.  I loved to see him splashing about in his fabulous brantano wellies We have had them a while now and the quality is just brilliant, so sturdy. It has been a while since I’ve seen him so carefree and it made my heart sing. we need more time just to be out in nature and we need to make more time to play.
green wellies


Big hot lovely baths

I was sent some lovely Olverum bath oil last week to sample and oh my goodness I have to tell you it is completely divine.  It makes your soak super-relaxing and is the ultimate sleep aid, it is such a soothing treat, perfect for post-exercise aching or sore muscles or just because you have had a long day!
Lots of bits of lovely in my week I hope there was in yours too
Becky x




  1. lamvanchuong
    April 19, 2016 / 9:41 am

    “It makes your soak super-relaxing and is the ultimate sleep aid, it is such a soothing treat, perfect for post-exercise aching or sore muscles or just because you have had a long day!” Great !!!. Is it really???

  2. April 18, 2016 / 8:28 pm

    Lovely. You sound so content and happy, it makes me feel peaceful. I was brought up by the seaside and I do really miss it though! Am with you on the thinking about other non-school adventures….

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