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Chic and unique: trending wedding themes for your dream location

Hello there, brides and grooms! Are you full of excitement to start organizing your dream wedding? Then you are in the perfect place if you are seeking inspiration to make your big day a one-of-a-kind event. Let’s explore wedding themes and how they can be incorporated into your dream location, so it expresses your love story in the best way! 


  1. A Bohemian wedding 

For all the Boho brides out there who know that this theme matches perfectly with their personal style, a Bohemian wedding expresses a sense of calm and peace while looking stunning. Create an elegant venue with a large sailcloth tent decorated with oriental rugs and ornamental pillows or hanging decorations. The key is to keep it simple yet elegant.

  1. A vintage wedding 

If you like to draw attention to the decades of the past, choose a vintage style for your wedding. One of the simplest ways to illustrate the vintage look is by using your wedding attire and makeup. You can rely on antique-looking decor for the ceremony and reception, such as wood seats. Finalize the theme with one last touch, like making your getaway in a classic vintage car. 

  1. A traditional wedding 

Are you more into a traditional wedding? Then a black-tie ceremony is an overall loving theme. Correspond your theme accordingly with your guests dressing to the nines. You want to go all out with complete table settings, a full sit-down dinner, elegant seats, and floral arrangements with an extravagant head table. 



trending wedding themes



  1. A tropical wedding 

A tropical wedding theme is great on a hot summer’s day. Host an outdoor wedding in a stretch tent, decorated with lots of plants, laid-back decor, and signature beachy cocktails. You don’t need a beach to pull off a stunning tropical-inspired wedding, creating that island vibe.

  1. A rustic wedding 

The simple yet cozy atmosphere of this theme is great for DIY fans. String lights, mason jars, wood, lace, and mason jars are the essence of this theme. If this is your ideal wedding style, then you might want to choose a more rural location, such as a stylish barn.


A wedding theme sets the mood for the big event, guiding all aesthetic choices made from that point on. There are many styles to pick from, but consider elements that resonate with you and your partner. Let your imagination run wild and define the theme based on those standards! 

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