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Christmas Gifts for Older Relatives

When it comes to Christmas gifts for older relatives, people often seem to hit a wall.

You know they won’t be around for ever and so you want to get them something special. They mean the world to you and you want to buy them a gift that reflects that but they tell you ‘please don’t bother, our home is complete, we have all we need, we don’t need anything else to dust,’ and so on.

So what do you get them for Christmas gift that they will treasure or that will make a a real difference to their life?

Here are 3 ideas that I think could really work. 


Christmas Gifts for Older Relatives


Treat them to a trip out 

Experiences are always a lovely gift  and one older people really appreciate. How about taking them for a vintage afternoon tea somewhere lovely and making a real occasion of it, indulging their sense of nostalgia and times gone by.  Or even to a super cool new fusion restaurant. Older people like NEW eating experiences too – it keep life interesting.

 Or maybe you could take in a show, perhaps a ballet or an opera or a pantomime together and keep life fun. Everyone loves an excuse to dress up and head on out and older people are no exception to this.

Trips out makes great Christmas gifts for older relatives. We treated ours to a murder mystery train ride a few years ago and they loved it!


Christmas Gifts for Older Relatives


Increase accessibility in their home

Increasing accessibility in the home is a life changing gift for older people that can both increase life quality and significantly reduce frustration.

When you install stair lifts in the homes of older people you help them breathe a big sigh of relief. Stair lifts make it easier to go up and down stairs,of course but they also prolong the independence of an older person. They reduce the need for an older person to move to a bungalow or to a care home. By installing a stair lift you also take the risk of falling and minimise it greatly and you take pressure of ageing joints. Increasing accessibility in the home is a wonderful gift.

It doesn’t have to be a stair lift of course, maybe you could gift them a walk in bath  or a wheelchair ramp. Maybe you could fill their garden with raised beds so they can still enjoy their favorite hobby, Perhaps you put up a few handrails or purchase a self-raising chair for them. Increasing accessibility is a gift that just keeps on giving and one of immense value.



Gift them your time – Christmas Gifts for Older Relatives

Gifting an older person your time is invaluable when it come to Christmas gifts for older relatives and one that will always be appreciated.  

Your time could involve helping them with chores in the home, it could involve helping them sort their photos into albums, perhaps you help them arrange their wardrobe or just spend an afternoon baking together. 


Christmas Gifts for Older Relatives


Old age can bring a great deal of loneliness especially to widows:

‘According to Age UK, more than 2 million people in England over the age of 75 live alone, and more than a million older people say they go for over a month without speaking to a friend, neighbour or family member.’ (source)

Gifting your time reduces that loneliness.


Christmas Gifts for Older Relatives


Christmas Gifts for Older Relatives really can be amazing.



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