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How to dress wood windows

Today – How to dress wood windows

Windows and doors are so important to the look of a property aren’t they? if you get them right it can look amazing but get them wrong and the whole look can be spoilt.

Wood windows are a great investment for a property. They are expected to last twice as long as their PVC counterparts which estate agents believe can devalue a building by up to 20k!

I also believe wood windows add a huge amount of character to a home.

How to dress wood windows

Have you heard of the wood window alliance?

The Wood Window Alliance  is a group of more than 20 manufacturers (and 40 organisations) from the UK’s wood window industry. Their common aim is to work together to improve standards, promote quality wood windows and doors and make wood the number one choice in the UK market.


I love this idea of unity and the focus on quality.

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Wood windows have a beauty of their own, but thinking about how to dress wood windows can add to this.

Here are some ideas to help you make the most of your wood windows.

How to dress wood windows


Whether long sweeping and formal or short, bold and bright  you can make a real style statement with curtains and dramatically change the very look and feel of room. I always think curtains add a sense of cosiness to a home that shutters and blinds lack and oh the pleasure of drawing them shut at night.


Blinds give a sleeker look than curtains and are less obtrusive, but they can still give a stylish edge to he room. You can get blinds in on trend geometric patterns, neutral black out blinds or to colour co-ordinate with your room. The choice is yours and the advantage of blinds are they can show off your gorgeous wooden window frames.


Oh I just love shutters, there is something so wonderfully European about them and I think they add a freshness to a room and yet also a sense of timelessness. They are certainly my personal favourites. They can also really close off the outside world.

Do nothing

Wood has it’s own beauty and style and the raw natural look is just beautiful. Wood is art and stylish interiors in a way PVC could never be.  You don ‘t have to dress your windows. You can just admire them as they are.


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You can find out lots more about wood windows by following the wood window alliance on twitter   @woodwindowall #WindowsForLife . I do hop eyou have enjoyed this post on How to dress wood windows you can read more of my interior how to’s here


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  1. annebrewer
    December 10, 2016 / 7:21 am

    Hi buddy

    I really appreciate your article.I think shutters will work great in the living area of the windows. Beautiful addition to your home.
    shutters just half up are like the ‘dutch door’ of shutters. the perfect option!
    Good tips, thanks!

    Thanks for sharing buddy.

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