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How to take care of wild birds

How to take care of wild birds

How to take care of wild birds – simple tips

Do you know how to take care of wild birds?

I do love to watch the birds in my garden or down at our local park. Their song makes me happy in the morning when I’m the only one awake,  I find watching them call to each other, search for food and fly around just absolutely fascinating. I also find watching them like a meditation – it completely calm s my busy mind and keeps me rooted int he present. birds are wonderful for mindfulness. They are so pretty too aren’t they?

Winter can be a tough time for wild birds though here int he UK. They can find it very difficult to get the food they need and this can be really problematic or them. This is where we come in.

There are lots of things we can do to attract birds to our garden, cosy nest boxes and the right food. Have a look at the infographic below to see what kind of birds like what kind of foods and what you should and could be providing them with.

It is so worthwhile to feed the birds you will attract them into your garden and you will help keep them safe and flourishing.

What is your favourite bird? I think mine has to be the robin.

How to take care of wild birds


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