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Ideas for home renovation

The space around us directly influences our mood, creativity, concentration, performance and relaxation. During the COVID pandemic, we were forced to stay in our homes and realised the true importance of decorating our homes for our comfort. At the same time, our home should be versatile, accompanying us throughout our day and its activities: cooking, exercising, working, resting. Your space is not achieving these goals, your home is starting to get boring, take a look at these tips to renovate it!


Ideas for home renovation


  • The floor 

It may not look like it, but the floor frames an entire room. What’s the best choice? It depends on where you live: if you live near the beach, ceramic tile flooring may not be the right choice, as sand can get stuck in the cracks. The same would be true for soil if the room has an exit to the garden. You can also be guided by the function of the room: if, for example, it is a studio or a room where you will practice yoga, you can opt for carpeting. A very modern and currently used option, which adapts to all needs, is microcement flooring. There is even a product that can be applied over other flooring materials, leaving a beautiful finish. Find out more at 


  • The Walls 

Walls are the first thing we see when we enter a room. You can spruce it up with a simple plain paint or innovate by painting geometric shapes, flowers or a rustic stain – even a professional artist can paint whatever you want, like faces, animals or words! If you don’t want to invest time and money in painting, another option is to glue vinyl stickers, be it world maps, inspirational phrases or silhouettes, or wallpaper the walls of different patterns. Another issue is what you can hang: while mirrors make rooms bigger, many paintings make them smaller. Of course, one of the most popular things to hang are the practical shelves, where you can put decorations and change them as you wish – the possibilities are endless!

  • Plants 

Indoor plants can add a touch of life to your spaces. It is necessary that you first evaluate how is the climate where you live, how much time and desire you have to take care of them and how much light enters, as well as your tastes and preferences. Thus, the famous potus with its heart-shaped leaves (which according to Feng Shui, has the ability to transform the negative energy of the place), needs light and is perfect for hanging, as well as the fern, which also needs a lot of watering. The cactus should have direct sun and little water. The Sansevieria can be placed in dark places and does not need too much watering, besides having evergreen leaves.

Ideas for home renovation


You can also opt for flowering plants, combining them with different elements or using them in monochromatic environments. Good choices are the Cymbidium orchid or the African Violet, which comes in many colors, from white to purple. Flowering plants and all-green plants can combine very well in a vertical garden or scattered in the same environment. A plant is the best gift for a house!


  • The lights 

The lights change completely to a room. But warm or cool? Warm light makes environments cozy, relaxing and conducive to rest, while cold light is used in larger spaces, where stimulation is needed (such as at work), where there is a lot of movement (such as corridors) and in dark areas (such as the bathroom). If you do not decide, or the environment is used for many activities, you can always opt for neutral light (which is the one that most resembles sunlight), combine several bulbs or use LED bulbs, whose color and intensity can be controlled by Bluetooth, directly from your cell phone. Speaking of LED lights, another option for decorative lights are neon letters or phrases, which you can buy in the color and size that suits your space. If you are too indecisive or easily bored for a single sign, there are also light boards with letters and shapes that you can accommodate to your taste and mood of the day. Another theme is lamps, which add so much to a room. They come in many colors, shapes and styles: industrial, boho, classic, oriental, modern. Light can radically change your home!

Ideas for home renovation


With these four tips to get you oriented and know where to start, you already have the initiative to turn your house into your dream home!

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