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Quick And Easy Shed Organization Ideas You Need To Try

Are you looking for some great shed organization ideas?    Did you know that 80% of people have a junkyard in their garden?

Surprised? Well, don’t be, if you want to glimpse the junkyard in the garden, we can help. Go to your garden and open the door of your garden shed.


Shed Organization Ideas


People often treat their small sheds as a dumpster or a storeroom. They start with storing garden supplies such as shovels, lawnmowers, cleaning chemicals, pesticides, etc. But gradually, they start keeping all the other stuff inside it.

As a result, the shed looks less like a shed and more like a dumping ground. Opening the shed’s door and finding the things at times becomes havoc. So, today we will share some quick and easy shed organization ideas with you all.

You will have tons of new ideas to declutter your shed by the end of this article and organize it.

Let’s begin.

10 Quick And Easy Shed Organization Ideas You Need To Try


1.    Fix a Pegboard

One of the simplest tips to organize your small sheds is to make smart use of the pegboard.

Pegboards are easily available and inexpensive. All you have to do is attach the pegboard to a wall, add some S-hooks, and hang your tools or equipment. This will save you a lot of ground space. Moreover, you won’t have to rummage for the tools in the basket or a bag. You can easily find your tool, use it, and keep it back in its place.

Even, this way you can have space for gym equipment if you are thinking of setting up garden shed gym.


The next small shade organization idea is to use vacant baskets and shelves.


2.    Grab Some Baskets and Shelves for Shed Organization Ideas 

This old-school technique of organization works the best if your shade is small. Take a sturdy shelf with different levels. Also, collect some baskets.

Next, categorize the baskets according to different items. For instance, you can keep screws in one basket and nuts in another. Similarly, you can create a separate basket for spanners, screwdrivers, testers, etc.

Place these baskets on the shelf. Label the basket if you want to take your shed organization to the next level. It will save you time to find the items right away.

Moving on to the third tip, attaching a magnet bar on the wall.

Shed Organization Ideas


3.    Attach a Magnet Bar on the Wall

This tip is super effective if you have a corner garden shed. The small shed space looks cluttered if too much stuff is kept on the ground. To avoid this mess, buy a strong magnet bar.

Install it on the wall and forget about your heavy metallic tools lying on the ground. Ensure to buy a strong magnet bar that can hold the weight of heavy tools. If the magnet bar is substandard, it will come out of the wall due to excessive weight. And it can also damage your shed flooring.

Up next, we have…


4.    Utilize the Door Space for Shed Organization Ideas 

Your creativity doesn’t have to be the size of your garden shed. Why only use the walls and floors for storing the stuff? You can make use of the door as well.

On the backside of the shed’s door, add a few hooks. You can hang your frequently used items there, for instance, a cleaning cloth, umbrella, bike helmets, etc.

You can also hang the shovels, spade, and trowels on the hooks.

Moving to the next idea, which is utilizing the ceiling space for storage.


5.    Attach I-Beams on the Ceiling – brilliant Shed Organization Ideas 

Do you also face the dilemma of storing the things you need once in a blue moon?

We have a perfect solution for you. These things will remain in your shade, but you won’t even notice their presence unless you look up.

Install the I-beams on the ceiling with careful spacing. Fill up sturdy boxes with the things that you don’t need often. Slide these boxes and ta-da!

The 6th tip on your way is to store tiny items in plastic jars.


6.    Store Tiny Hardware Items in Jars

Attach a wooden slab on the wall. Apply a glue gun on the jar’s lid and stick it under the shelf. Fill up the jars with small screws, nails, nuts, bolts, pins, etc.

Close the bottles, and you have everything sorted. No more nails or screws poking your feet in the shed.


7.    Install a Wall Cabinet

People store cleaning chemicals, insecticides, bleach, etc., in the garden shed. If it’s present on the floor, pets and children can easily reach it. And these things are harmful to them.

Thus, install a wall cabinet to keep your pets and kids safe. Place all the dangerous items there. Make sure to put it up on a height so that only you can open and take out the things.

Tip number 8 on today’s garden shed organization tips is to label the baskets.


8.    Label the Jars and Baskets

A simple act of labeling your baskets and jars can save you a lot of time looking for things in every corner of the shed.

You can easily find your things and put them in their place after use. Label the shelves, jars, boxes, and even the items stored in wall cabinets. Another advantage of labeling is that your partner or sibling can easily locate the things in your shed.

Hence, spend a few minutes labeling the boxes in your shed. And in return, you will save a lot of time searching for the item.


9.    Organize the Hose and Cords

Dangling hose and extra cords give a disorganized look to your shed. And at night time, it can look pretty creepy too. Hence, install strong hooks, collect the hose pipe or cords neatly, and hang them.

Say goodbye to tangled and damaged hoses and cords. Hanging them will save you space and keep your hose in good shape.

The last garden shed’s organization idea is to keep the shed cool by using chicken wire.


10.        Keep The Shed Cool With Chicken Wire

The shed remains closed most of the time, due to which the air becomes stagnant and stale. It can cause an obnoxious smell inside the shed.

Moreover, the air inside the shed can quickly heat up. It can cause flammable items such as paint, oil, or other fuel to burn if the temperature rises. Hence, it is important to let the air circulate inside the shed so that the things inside the shed remain safe.

Install the air vents and cover them with chicken wire to allow the fresh air to flow inside the shed.

And we’re done…

Wrapping Up Shed Organization Ideas 

That’s it, folks!

Using these 10 ideas shared above, you can quickly and easily organize your garden shed. Do you have some other tips and tricks up your sleeve for organizing a small garden shed? Please share it in the comments below.


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