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Spruce Up The Dining Room For Christmas

Today – Spruce Up The Dining Room For Christmas


Spruce Up The Dining Room For Christmas


Spruce Up The Dining Room For Christmas

It’s just over a week until Christmas Day, and now is the time for the final preparations for the big day to be made. You’ll be spending the evenings doing last minute online shopping, wrapping presents, writing cards and decorating the home.

One of the biggest parts of Christmas is probably the food. Food is always great during the festive period. You have the show stopping turkey, crispy roast potatoes, a myriad of side dishes and lots of sweet treats. To display your beautiful food you will of course want an impressive table set up.


White festive dining room

To keep it classy and simple,you can go for a mix of white with soft grey and silver tones. Layer up silver and white plates on the table, make sure to have plenty of snowflakes scattered on your table and add a floral centrepiece for a stunning, soft touch to your winter house.


Traditional red Christmas dining room

You could of course go for the colour of December; red. Red is the symbol of everything special, merry and bright. You could add a large red candle in the middle of the table and then scatter red and silver sequins over a red table cloth. Pair this with large red plates with white ones layered on top, and plenty of winter berries.


Classic Christmas dining room – Spruce Up The Dining Room For Christmas

When we think of Christmas we often think about a mixture of red, green and white. Add touches of green in napkins and sequins, a red and green table runner over a white cloth, and lots of holly scattered on the space.


Modern festive dining room

For a more 2017 look, you could go away from the traditional and instead opt for stunning rose gold and copper, along with indigo touches to really contrast the look. Layer up indigo and white plates and add copper cutlery, serving dishes and a jar in the middle of the table containing battery operated lights. It will be different, sleek and stunning.



Country Christmas dining room

Using wooden cutting boards and a wooden nest of tables, create a crafty woodland with handmade decorations and lots of berries, animals and leave in the room. You can even decorate a mini tree with some woodland ornaments to put in the corner of the room.


Candy shop dining room

If you love sweets and your family does too, you can turn your Christmas table and di in room into a sweet shop for the day. Fill jars with festive treats like candy canes, cookies and mints; fill the table with a scattering of mini candy canes, and then have a little cookie decorating station which your family can use after the main dinner.


Gold dining room

If you love all things gold at this time of year, you can make your dining room look like a jewellery shop with a white tablecloth and gold plates, cutlery and a festive candle in the centre of the table. For a pop of colour you can add some red gems across the table.


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