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The Best Cake Delivery in Sydney

I love, love, love to bake and I do think there is probably nothing nicer than gifting a cake you have lovingly made for someone on their birthday. So much love and care goes into the bake I swear they can just taste it.  (I do like to get flowers too, but cakes are for sharing and hence the best way to celebrate.)


Long distance cake delivery

The problem though is that most cakes (okay, I’d go  so far as to say all cakes) do not take a kindly to long distance delivery. I don’t honestly recommend you even try this for proof. 

I  have friends who live far and away from me and getting a homemade cake to them would involve many miles and even plane rides, so I have to think differently and consider cake delivery instead.


Cake delivery in Sydney 

InstaCake have over  50 options between cakes, dessert boxes and lollie boxes  and for me these make just the most delightful gifts plus they post them which is fabulous. That surprise knock on the door is awesome!

let me talk you through a couple of their lush cakes.


Chocolate drip cake

Check this Nutella cake out. Now that would be just LOVELY to find on your doorstep, wouldn’t it?

It comes covered in a layer of white buttercream and it is their signature vanilla mud cake finished with a chocolate ganache drip, Nutella Jar and Kinder Bueno chocolates on top. Oh my word. Doesn’t it look LUSH!

What occasion would you send this for?  Teens would just adore this I think so many be a high school leaving or  graduation congrats gift?







Cake Delivery in Sydney

Luxe Royal Cake 

Cake Delivery in Sydney

The Luxe royal cakes looks so decadent I think I would choose to send this for a really special occasion, perhaps something like a wedding anniversary or an engagement?  It consists of Vanilla cake finished with a semi naked look on white chocolate truffle, white chocolate shards, white chocolate drip, gold leaf and edible pearls. 

So very pretty and so gorgeously elegant too. 


Sugar rush

This cake is a child’s delight and who wouldn’t want this for their birthday cake?

I have younger nephews in the Sydney area and a cake delivery in Sydney that looked like this – well it would go down a treat. It would mean I could send something really special even though I cannot deliver my something handmade.

I have to say though even handmade with love, care and attention I would never be able to pull off something that looked like Sugar Rush. Isn’t it just incredible?



Cake Delivery in Sydney


It is a Vanilla cake finish with vanilla white buttercream, rainbow drip and topped with nothing but an AWESOME range of different lollies – juts a complete explosion of colour and fun!


So yes,  you may not be able to get your homemade cake to your loved ones on their super special occasions but that does not mean you can’t send them a special cake. Cake  delivery in Sydney, in fact anywhere in the world, is pretty much possible. But do it with style.

Cakes should never be ordinary should they? 


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