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Teenage Thinking – How to Easily Understand & Support Your Teen

Teenage Thinking  and how to understand and support teens – let’s take a look at this tricky topic!


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How to Understand Teenage Thinking

 I have often wondered how to understand teenage thinking.


It hasn’t always proved easy in this house.

Loving them as much as I do and knowing them as well as I do, you would think the understanding would come alongside, but it doesn’t.
Sometimes I am completely baffled as to their logic and how their brain s work.

I do know however that I am not alone in this.

Oh my goodness, who doesn’t look at their teenager sometimes and think to themselves – what are they thinking?

Well all I can say  to anyone struggling is that you need to get your hands on this brilliant new book if you want to understand teenage thinking


What’s My Teenager Thinking? Practical child psychology for modern parents by Tanith Carey


teenage thinking

How to Understand Teenage Thinking


 This guide to understanding teenage thinking follows on from the success of her previous guide to younger kids What’s my Child Thinking? which saved many a parent and many a child’ s frustrations.

In this new book, Tanith delves into what is going on inside of the teenage brain and how it makes sense (to your teen) to be thinking in the way they do.  The book is written in a really easy to access format showing you how to understand the world from your teen’s point of view – at each stage of their development.


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With over 100 different everyday scenarios, the book addresses the wealth of dilemmas which you might encounter with your teen  – from what to do about peer pressure, your worries about safety online, sex and drugs and even when your teenager slams their bedroom door in your face (aggghh!).

I love that the ideas are delivered from a parenting expert (Tanith has written 10 books dealing with parenting issues) and also by a child clinical psychologist, Dr Angharad Rudkin.  It contains realistic and science baked solutions and strategies which is what we all need!


How to Understand Teenage Thinking




Mutual respect and understanding – How to Understand Teenage Thinking

There is no denying the teenage years are tricky with hormones ranging, brains changing and independence emerging, but it does not have to be a battlefield.

We read so many books about babies and toddlers, don’t we, trying to understand what is going on for them and of course, it is helpful.

This book helps in just the same way, we don’t need to be baffled by our kids; if we can understand  teenage thinking, everything is easier


Tanith carey


How to Understand Teenage Thinking

If you want to understand teenage thinking I would highly recommend this book. It could make all the difference to your relationship with your teen. Knowing what’s going on for them helps you be empathic and sensitive and the strategies Tanith suggest are designed to support you and your teen in feeling heard and to find workable resolutions in potential conflict areas.

Most teen books treat all teenagers as being of one age. 13 looks so different to 18 and the brain and body evolved rapidly through these years, and this is why this book looks at ages and stages within the teen years and doesn’t take a one size fits all approach.  I think this is so important.

You could spend an absolute fortune on family therapy and parenting courses trying to understand teenage thinking and yet a good read of this book will have a lot of potential problems sorted.

It’s pretty fabulous and I think every household with a teen could really do with a copy.


What’s my teenager thinking? is published on May 14th 2020 and available in all good bookshops.


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