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The Best Personalised Fake Tattoos

What do you think about personalised fake tattoos?

Here’s my take on them.

 I love tattoos. I have always thought they looked uber cool. My dad had several, he had an anchor and he had an early bird catching the worm. I thought they were brilliant and just part of him and his’look’. I always though would get one too.


Personalised Fake Tattoos


Personalised fake tattoos – are they for you

When I was in my teens it was all the rage to get daisy tattoos, tiny ones on ankles and wrists. I have always followed trends so off I went to get mine. I picked it out at a reputable tattooists and  I took a friends with me for moral support. Well she happily got hers done but I am sorry to say I totally let the side down. As the tattooist approached me I screamed. cried and when I could finally get my words out I told him I had changed my mind! 

What a carry on. My friend laughed so hard. 

I had my belly button pierced instead and to this day (many years later) I remain tattoo free. 

I still love them though and look longingly at other peoples. What put me off was the pain and the permanence. I hate pain and fashions change. Daisy tats are no longer cool and I am so very glad I did not get one. 


The Best Personalised Fake Tattoos 

The fake tattoos over at Wanapix are just the thing to indulge my tattoo love without the pain or permanence. Best of all they do customised, personalised fake tattoos which gives  a real air of authenticity.

There are loads to choose from but I just wanted to show you a few of my faves.


Honeymoon tattoos

This one would be a perfect honeymoon tattoo don’t you think?


 or how about this one! 

Personalised Fake Tattoos



Holiday tattoos


And how about these, one for each of you – if you are off to Disney?




Aren’t they great fun?


Safety tattoos

Tattoos with kids names on and phone numbers are an awesome idea if you worry about them getting lost? 



 I am loving these brilliant ideas. 


Birthday tatoos

These birthday tattoos with your child’s name and age would be such a gorgeous and certainly unusual idea for party bags don’t you think? 

Your child would have lots of fun picking out their design too as there are lots of options. 

Allergy tattoos

i think these allergy tattoos are really clever especially if you are sending your child off to a club or a party  where the adults involved might need a reminder of an indetifier. Sucha simple idea but potentially life saving. Putting it on the hand and reminding your child to show it would be a great idea.


So there you go fake tattoos, no pain no permanence just brilliant personalisation. So much to love (and OMG so much cheaper too!) 

Check out the cool features

  • Very easy to apply in just a few seconds.
  •  Lasts for several days. Waterproof, can be used in the shower, pool or beach.
  •  Safe, non-toxic material, dermatologically tested.

and prices start form 83p.

You know fake tattoos make sense! All the fun with none of the fuss. Personalised Fake Tattoos for the win I say!



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