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Thinking about renovating your home? Think Doors!

Thinking about renovating your home ?

Maybe, you have recently given the thought of modernising your home. Updating it – giving it some new life, renewing a sense of pride in ownership.  Well, this can be achieved – modernising your home with new doors – fitted sliding doors in fact.  Installing solid fitted glass/mirror sliding doors in your home can completely transform your home and create an attractive elements to any room of your home. If you’re considering getting some for your home, well here are a few thing you can do with them.


Room Partitions:

Room partitions – yes room partitions! You can use glass sliding doors of any colour, transparency, mirror etc. to create beautiful sliding door room partitions. See how this open space studio flat was transformed with these lovely green glass doors – with doors shut, the room can get split into three rooms (Bedroom, Living room, and Kitchen) creating private distinctive spaces as wished – but also offering to open up those panels for one mutual free-flowing space.

Thinking about renovating your home


Extra Space:


– Bedroom Wardrobes:

Considering the ever increasing need for storage space and less and less actual space we have available (to most of us in London) – one of the biggest advantages of have sliding doors in a fitted wardrobe ] is the fact they actually do give you some of that extra space (ohhh the precious space). Unlike their hinged counterparts, sliding doors do not need opening room – meaning you can use that floor space in front of the wardrobe for whatever you can think of.



–          Loft Conversions:

If you are doing or have completed a loft conversion and have sloped ceilings and you don’t have a fitted wardrobe with sliding doors – you need to get one! Sloped ceilings can be a challenge – often resulting in wasted space or a bodge looking storage systems. As mentioned before, the hinged doors can get in the way and cause some headaches (especially in sloped ceiling wardrobes) – get yourself a fitted wardrobe with sliding doors and create a beautiful room with an optimal storage system.


Thinking about renovating your home with new doors?

Glass mirror doors will provide a feel of a bigger space and colours glass doors will let light reflect naturally around the room. I think one of the best things of good quality sliding doors is the fact they do look amazing – all my guest immediately cast their eyes upon my hallway sliding doors and always ask where I got them from. Getting Floor to ceiling sliding doors will undoubtedly enhance any room’s aesthetic charm – you’ll get a sense that your home becomes brighter and feel more welcoming.

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  1. August 1, 2017 / 2:24 pm

    The loft conversion design is awesome! And the design you did in the wardrobe is very creative. I would love to have one installed inmy loft as well. Soon I think!

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