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The unique powers of plants (you will be amazed)

I really am excited to share with you here some amazing facts about the powers of plants .

This week I bought a beautiful Easter cactus and it is sitting prettily on my windowsill and has added such joy to my week.

powers of plants

I also had a coffee at our local garden with a good friend in the sunshine totally surrounded by colourful varieties of plants for the garden. I also spent some time looking at some beautiful orchids.

Oh it made me so cheerful.

Plants are absolutely incredible.

They make us smile every day with the beauty they bring to our lives. My Instagram feed is full to bursting with stylish, pretty, interesting, unusual plants. As a nation we have always adored plants inside and out , In temrs of interiors house plants are having a long overdue comeback. They do look so fabulous in our homes.

But being attractive is only one of the myriad of qualities that plants possess.

You will be amazed at some of the others.

Check out this fabulous infographic from Serenata flowers that shows you the power of plants and some of the awesome qualities you probably didn’t know they had.

powers of plants


Oh my goodness isn’t that just fabulous.  i am loving the super powers of plants have. I have to now rush out and stock up on a whole load of new plants (any excuse really).



  1. March 23, 2017 / 1:03 pm

    Plants are just so clever aren’t they – I think I need to fill my office with the ones that help productivity!

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