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Unusual pampering treatments

Unusual pampering treatments


Do you like being pampered?

I like a foot spa , a shoulder and neck massage and I like the results of a speedy pedicure (though I do find them a bit ticklish!)

I have never had any unusual pampering treatments though have you?

unusual pampering treatments

Unusual pampering treatments

I was reading an article the other day about pampering practices across the world and it was full of interesting ideas. In the United Arab Emirates apparently the bee sting facial is increasingly popular. Sounds painful I know but what they actually do  is rub the venom across you face! It is intended to bring blood to the skin’s surface, plumping the skin, evening the skin tone and  reducing inflammation. Hmmm. Certainly interesting

Another one that caught my eye and I think my husband would appreciate was beer bathing! A spa treatment offered in the Czech Republic it really is just about relaxing in a tub of warm beer. Is this just some scheme so if your partner comes in smelling of the pub they can tell you they have been to a spa?

Some other really unusual pampering practice sin the article include fire cupping!

It got me to thinking about pampering I have had around the world .



My experiences of unusual pampering treatments

Well I have been covered in mud and floated in the dead sea in Israel. Felt quite surreal floating around with other people  with clumps of mud everywhere. Apparently its wonderful for aching joints. I was only 18 though and didn’t really appreciate it!

I once went to a spa in San Antonio, Texas and have never been around so many super fit people in my life. I  had a sauna and a little swim but they  were mostly really working out!

I had a little neck massage on a beach in Gran Canaria once which combined with the sunshine and a gorgeous setting was really rather lovely.

I had a facial and spa at Sherwood forest in Nottingham then sat out wrapped in a cosy blanket on the veranda with sparkly snow all around me. That was pretty amazing.

Tell me about your favourite pampering around the world !


unusual pampering treatments

Unusual pampering treatments is a collaborative post  – you might also like my post on ideas for a pamper day at home


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  1. February 5, 2016 / 5:34 am

    Ooh, you have done lovely things! I have done a tonne of DIY stuff – probably the best, most weird one was a face mask using gelatin!!!

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