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3 Tools for Perfect Organisation

Today – let us take a look at some tools for perfect organisation

How do you cope with organizing yourself at home? I am at best erratic and at worst…a bit rubbish. If any one was in need of tools for perfect organisation it is me! 


perfect organisation


Why I needed tools for Perfect Organisation

I definitely need to invest some time and energy and resources simplifying /fool proofing my organisation.

As it is I have notebooks half filled everywhere and 2 diaries on the go and one on my phone and everything is scatty and half-hearted.


3 tools for perfect organisation

I need a system and order! Here are 3 tools I think will really help me


A pegboard

First up is the block large pegboard in white Not only does this look very cool it is also brilliant for hanging things on and like a calendar camera, postcards, tape and all the bits and bobs I regularly use but can never find. These boards come in several colours but I like the white because it contrasts so well with any bright accessories you put on it and the minimalist feel will go with however I decorate my home office.




A great diary

I need one diary so that does everything for me and totally organises me and keep me in line! It needs to do lists and a diary, a space for addresses and a space for goals. It needs to fit in any of my handbags and it needs to look cool too. I am awaiting your suggestions on this one folks! I just cannot find it  I have been recommended the Moleskine ones that have a week to view – they have the dates down the left page, and right page is blank for your to-do lists.


In practical terms, I think this looks really useful but I would like something a bit prettier perhaps?


Tools for Perfect Organisation Give You More time

Last but not least I need this – an alarm clock. I need to leave my phone charging downstairs so I don’t use it late at night when I should be sleeping. This would enable me to get up bright and early and have an hour or so’s peace before my kids get up to really plan and organise my day.


So yes a  beautiful alarm clock (this one is from Red Candy) a good diary and a notice board..and I’m sure I can crack this organisation lark!

I ‘d love to hear what you use to get organised and what you thinks are the required and perfect tools for perfect organisation

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