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5 Must-Have Experiences In Barcelona

5 Must-Have Experiences In Barcelona

The incredible city and cultural hotspot of Barcelona in the Catalonia region of Spain is home to a multitude of incredible sights, tastes, and experiences.

Being right on the coast Barcelona is both a perfect holiday location for sun-loving beach-goers as well as being a culturally rich city with plenty of history and architecture to keep you entertained .

In this post, I will to show you 5 must-have experiences that will ensure you get the most out of your travels to this beautiful city.



5 Must-Have Experiences In Barcelona

5 Must-Have Experiences In Barcelona



First without further ado, FOOD! Now the Spanish are known for their wonderful cuisine and the iconic tapas dishes are something you certainly cannot miss out on. They’re a Spanish staple and for good reason!

Now in Spain, every different region has its own unique traditional tapas dishes, and for Barcelona some of these include Croquetas, Brocheta de Carmons, Bombas and Cargols (just to name a few).

Now, tapas is not just an experience for the tastebuds but a full-on social affair, so be sure you’re prepared and know just how to enjoy your dining experience like a local!


2 Architecture

.Next, for the art and architecture lovers, there is the unmissable work of Antoni Gaudi. The imaginative and unique modernist style of the catalan artists’ works makes trips to the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell two things you have to put on your Barcelona bucket list.

 The Sagrada Familia is an incredible basilica with a similarly incredible history. Construction began over 100 years ago and is still not complete, less than a quarter was even complete before Gaudi passed away! But this doesn’t detract from its beauty. The stained glass windows give a mesmerising and extraordinary effect and it is a dream to witness from the inside. With tickets from €26 this is a quintessential Barcelona experience.

 2. Park Guell is a beautiful public park full of Gaudi’s eye-catching architecture. The site itself is home both to some of Gaudi’s most famous works as well as simply being a beautiful green space full of biodiversity. Luckily enough entrance to Park Guell is free! However, there is a fee in order to access some areas such as the main entrance, terrace, and the parts containing mosaics, but entrance is only €10 so it is definitely worth it.

5 Must-Have Experiences In Barcelona


3. Art

Another one for the art lovers is the Museo Picasso, which remains to be one of the largest collections of the artist’s works in the world holding 4251 paintings! It is an incredible piece of history and one of the only museums of his works to be opened during Picasso’s lifetime.

For any lovers of Picasso’s work this is an absolutely incredible and unmatched experience and offers a real insight into not only the artist’s work but his relationship with the city of Barcelona as well.

There is also a reduced rate of admission for select people! People aged between 18-25 or over 65, unemployed people, university students, and Libraries of Barcelona cardholders all pay the reduced rate of just €7! Whilst everyone else pays the general €12 entrance fee. Either way it is incredible value for money and a must-see for anyone visiting the city.


4. Flamenco

Another iconic part of Spanish culture ready for you to explore in Barcelona is Flamenco! Whether you want to learn the dance yourself or watch the professionals perform, there is plenty to experience.

Flamenco is such a huge part of Spanish culture and if you watch the experts dance you’ll understand why. It’s a beautiful dance, but it’s also emotional, intense, and exciting, and if you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing Flamenco before it is definitely something to add to the list!

And if you get inspired you can always try it out for yourself! Learning to dance the Flamenco can be an awesome new experience for the whole family and is sure to be a lot of fun. Whilst you won’t quite get to the level of the professionals you can learn the steps, the movements and some new routines to show off back home.

For those who like more traditional dancing Spanish nightlife is Barcelona is buzzing 



Must-Have Experiences In Barcelona


5. Spanish Markets

Finally, the Spanish markets. There are many markets ready for your exploration in Barcelona and they will all take you right to the heart of Spanish culture. Whether you are going to do some shopping or simply wander I’m sure you will find yourself drawn to all the beautiful sights, smells, and most importantly, tastes.

Some markets you might wish to experience are: Boqueria Market, Mercat de la concepcio, and Mercat de Sant Antoni. Although I’m sure you will come across many hidden gems on your travels to Barcelona.


This list could have gone on forever, there’s just so much to explore, enjoy, and experience in Barcelona. But I hope these 5 ideas have inspired you to immerse yourself in the magnificent culture and history of Barcelona and have given you some starting points to make the most out of your travels. ¡Adios!

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