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A Weekend by the Sea in Brighton

Today – a weekend by the sea in Brighton.


The remains of the West Pier look incredibly dramatic against the backdrop of the sea

A Weekend by the Sea in Brighton

With the warmer weather upon us, it’s that time of year when everybody starts to think about taking a trip to the seaside. Britain is blessed with hundreds of seaside towns, each with their own individual character. One thing is for sure though – if its a beach experience that’s equal parts bohemian, kitsch and cosmopolitan that you’re after, then Brighton is the only place to scratch that itch. Here’s our guide on what to experience from your weekend by the sea.


Visit the Penny Slot Machine Museum

If you fancy breaking up your stroll along the seafront, then look out for the vintage carousel. Just behind the carousel you’ll find an unassuming little museum, filled with penny slot machines. Walk inside and you’ll be greeted by a plethora of Victorian penny slot machines, all set against a backdrop of mirrors. Whilst the ‘house of mirrors’ theme can take a little getting used to, the machines themselves are fascinating. Unfortunately, none of the Victorian machines are available for use, but if you’d like to have a go on the slots then the proprietors of the museum are very happy for you to take a seat in their cafe and play online. There are plenty of online casino bonuses to be found, so the chances are high that you’ll have a more fruitful time online than you would on the penny slots anyway!


Enjoy Fish and Chips in a Cave

Whether its traditional fish and chips or something a little more adventurous, the food at the Tempest is delicious

There’s no other meal that encapsulates the British seaside better than fish and chips. Of course, there are plenty of traditional chippies up and down the Brighton promenade, but if you want to experience a dinner with a difference then check out The Tempest. Tucked under the road in the Kings Road Arches, this pub is not all that it seems. On the outside, there’s a sun-trap beer garden and an oldy-worldy fascia, but inside there’s a warren of rock caves. Take a seat in a hollowed-out rock booth and choose from an extensive fish menu.


Experience History at the West Pier

If you’ve had enough of the bright lights and feel like experiencing some of Brighton’s history then turn right out of The Tempest and head along the beachfront promenade. This path snakes along the seafront right the way through Hove, so you can make the most of the walk if you’d like to. On your way, you’ll see the skeletal remains of the West Pier. This pier was originally used much like the palace pier still is, for fair rides and casino games until it burned down. It was decided by the people of Brighton and Hove to leave the remains of the pier in place and its dramatic structure has been the subject of many pieces of art since.


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