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How to organize your weekend to be most productive

How to organize your weekend to be most productive – lets take a look at some top tips

The time between the minute you get back home from work on a Friday evening to Monday morning as you are getting ready for another week goes by so fast. However, this time is actually longer than we think and can also feel that way if you organize your weekend.


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From 6 PM on Friday to 6 AM on Monday, you 60 hours and that’s a lot of time. Even if you spend 24 hours sleeping you still have 36 hours to do plenty of things for relaxation, fun, and the most important thing to recharge your batteries. If you, do it right you can have time to attend your virtual music lessons as well as go for a run or catch up on your favorite show with some popcorns.

Whether you run your business or work in a company, all hustlers know that in our competitive world, a great weekend is a secret behind successful weekdays. That’s why you want to make sure your plan your weekends so they leave you refreshed for new exciting things and not disappointed or exhausted.


How to organize your weekend to be most productive

Here are some tips to organize your weekend and make sure you check all things on the list without overdoing yourself.



Make a plan

When you are busy all weekdays, you tend to have two different ideas for the weekday. You either want to do nothing or you want to get through a long list of chores. Both of these ideas for a weekend are not ideal and they are either going to leave you disappointed or exhausted.

That’s why it important to make a plan. It will help you to make sure you have enough time to run errands but it will allow you to consciously take some time out for yourself. A lot of time you derive pleasure from anticipating some fun activity otherwise the day just goes by and your find yourself wondering where the time went.


How to organize your weekend to be most productive – Don’t fill your every minute

Even though you have a plan, it doesn’t mean your plan for every minute and has your weekends not so different from your weekdays. Try to plan 3 to 5 anchor events in your days that you can look forward to and ensure you have an exciting weekend. Go to the park for a run, run some errands in the day and have dinner with your friends or family and that’s a pretty good, productive day for a weekend.

Besides, if you enjoy being lazy, you can leave your morning or evening unplanned, so you can do whatever you like at the moment. There is no one way to plan your weekend, it really depends on your preferences.


How to organize your weekend to be most productive


Occasionally, it’s nice to stretch yourself

Weekends are great for trying something new and exploring. A lot of us have a bucket list of activities we want to do or things we want to learn. Maybe it’s learning an instrument through Zoom music lessons or try biking along the boardwalk. You might have always wanted to go camping in the nearby park or try adventure park at 2 to 4 hours of drive.

Whatever it is, remember you can’t always wait for a long vacation to live your life or do things you enjoy. You can plan your weekends to be short vacations as well for some serendipity.


Include some form of exercise

Including some form of exercise in your day can have a more positive impact on how your feel than you may think. Exercising, engaging in spiritual activities, and socializing tend to make you the happiest apart from eating and relaxing. So, it might be a good idea to include activities from at least one of these three categories in your weekend plan as an anchor event.


Plan some downtime 

When we have a lot of time on our hands without any plan, we tend to get distracted and wander around the house without any purpose. You might check your emails, turn on the TV, or fill your time with things that just pass your time and don’t relax you.

So, it is important to schedule some downtime as well. If you want to take a nap, make sure to keep yourself free around that time, and if there are any logistical issues, make sure you resolve them. The whole idea about putting everything down as a plan is to commit to your wellbeing and what you need to have a productive and refreshing weekend.

How to organize your weekend to be most productive


Don’t let Sunday-night blues pull you down

Even if you love what you do, it is very easy to feel weary as the Sunday afternoon or evening hits just by thinking about the next morning’s commute or some new project that you are supposed to work on tomorrow. A lot of times the Sunday-night blues or anticipation of work tends to consume most of your Sunday. However, a great way to not let this happen is to plan something fun for Sunday evening. A relaxing massage session or reservation in a nice restaurant with friends can be a great way to extend your weekend as much as possible and avoid Sunday-night blues completely.


Try to work your weekend plan with other peoples’ schedules

When you have kids or you are living with your partner you have to consider their schedule as well. If you are waiting to pick up your 10-year-old from swimming practice, read a novel instead of just checking your emails. Similarly, if your partner has a time-consuming hobby like running maythorns, you can combine their schedule with your activities like catching a movie at a theater nearby.

To avoid disappointment later, make sure your plan your weekend according to your lifestyle.

How to organize your weekend to be most productive

Don’t do too many chores

If you plan your weekends hour to hour, chore after chore, then at one point it’s going to stop feeling like a weekend and feel like a weekday instead. Chores tend to expand and fill the available space and time. If you try to do some chores on a weekday, you will notice they can less time because you have less time to spend on them. However, on weekend they somehow tend to take longer and it is important to remember that it’s better to spend your weekend exploring a new cafe in the neighborhood than to be chained to your washing machine and regret later.


Spend some time planning your week

It’s nice to use some time on Sunday night or some other time you have to yourself to glance at your calendar for the coming week and set your goals for what you want to accomplish professionally and personally in the next 5 days. This is also a good reality check, which can help you avoid the Sunday-night and Monday-morning blues.  

Don’t work every minute

Lastly, spending your weekend productively doesn’t mean doing something every minute of the day. Your brain also needs a break to be able to work at its optimum. Whether it’s a nap, doing some yoga, or listening to music, make sure you take some time off to simply relax your mind and give your brain a break. You might be so relaxed that you may actually look forward to Monday.



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