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Beautiful ironmongery from Ironmongery Experts

Today – Beautiful ironmongery from Ironmongery Experts

Are you looking for some décor inspiration? Maybe you’re simply curious about ironmongery in general? Ironmongery Experts are a family-run business established in 1992. It was founded as a small family business which has now grown to become a well-known brand within the industry. I’ve collaborated with them in this post to share with you some of their beautiful ironmongery products, which hopefully will give you inspiration for your next home renovation project.


Beautiful ironmongery from Ironmongery Experts

If you are new to ironmongery, you might be asking yourself: what’s ironmongery? This term was originally referred to the production of iron goods, as well as the place of sale of these products. Nowadays, ironmongery also includes products made of steel, aluminium, brass, and plastic, including door handles, door hinges, window restrictors, door locks, handrail brackets, among others. These products are now part of architectural ironmongery, as they are used in properties for both practical and decorative purposes.

For many people, architectural ironmongery is often overlooked, however, it provides the finishing touches to a building. For example, small ironmongery items, such as door handles or drawer pulls can complement the overall décor of a home “adding style and sparkle to any space”, and can be compared to how the right necklace complements a beautiful dress, as interior designer Young Huh comments in USA Today. After all, door handles are often referred to as the jewellery of a house.

 Beautiful ironmongery from Ironmongery Experts


Be bold

Brass is definitely here to stay. Brass and rose gold ironmongery are part of our best-selling ironmongery products. These products are highly versatile, functional and stunning. Brass ironmongery will look beautiful in various styles of houses, from Victorian homes to more contemporary ones. For example, the polished brass lion’s head door knocker is perfect for any front door, being a real entrance door statement piece which reflects your style and can represent the type of person you are.

Both brass and rose gold door handles will standout within your overall house décor and give your doors an extra humpf. Our rose gold lever handle is ideal for modern homes and it’s a great addition to any house.


Antique finishes with Beautiful ironmongery from Ironmongery Experts

Vintage-looking ironmongery products, which combine old charm with functionality, have always been very sought after. For example, within our selection of door knobs, we supply ringed rosewood knobs and Tewkesbury square knobs, which are suitable for traditional properties, historical renovations, cottages, as well as quirky coffee shops and high-end restaurants.


Dramatic but elegant.

Matte black ironmongery has become more and more popular over the years, starting with small home hardware, such as matte black door handles and bathroom fixtures, but this colour trend can also be found on living room walls and furniture. According to Forbes, black matte it will continue to trend. It’s a dramatic colour, but at the same time highly elegant and sophisticated.


I hope that our selection of ironmongery from Ironmongery Experts has given you some inspiration for future home projects, as well as some insight to the world of ironmongery and how small décor details are so important. Perhaps we’ve even made you want to change your current hardware. If you have any questions regarding ironmongery, give their team a call 01376 557 561 or email them at info@ironmongeryexperts.co.uk.


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