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What to wear for a summer garden party

What to wear for a summer garden party

Next week I have been invited to a summer garden party at the V&A. I know – how very posh! I am rather excited by this but am struggling with that age old dilemma. What do I wear?

It has been so sunny lately but this is the UK and the garden party is in the evening. It could well be cool but I don’t want a big woolly jumper do I?

And I am not one for a coat. I think I want to wear trousers or possibly a jumpsuit but finding what I want when the stores are all full of shorts and vest and beach dresses is proving tricky.

I have been perusing designer womens clothes sales online to see if I could find something suitable and I am thinking I have possibly struck gold. This top by Chloe is stunning, simple, summery  and so versatile.

Dressing for a summer garden party, What to wear for a summer garden party


What do you think?

It is the top of my garden party dreams!

I would wear flats of course ( I have never been able to walk in heels despite being just 5 foot 1 and a bit!) I think silver pumps would be perfect. I would tie my hair up in an elegant top knot and I would keep my make up minimal – just a light bronzer and a dab of pale pink lipstick.

Oh and I would of course need a bag. Just a little bag for my phone and keys  and I like a shoulder bag. Clutches never work for me, I talk with my hands so find them just infuriating they just get in the way, then I put them down and completely panic I will walk off without them. So yes a simple silver/grey shoulder bag to compliment the pink. I do this regularly..design and plan a whole outfit around one piece of clothing – in this case this stunning pinks shirt. Do you do this?

Fashion Lady has some great tips on garden party clothes ideas

How do you plan what you are going to wear when it comes to an unfamiliar occasion. I would love to know? Do leave me a comment below.




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