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Get Inspired! 4 Great Tips for Updating your Office Space

Tips for Updating your Office Space – to make it so much more. 



If you’re one of the many people who need to work out of an office setting on a daily basis, it makes total sense to put some careful consideration into the composition and elements of your working space. After all, with a third of your day committed to working in your office, it’s important that it’s set up to be comfortable, practical and ultimately productive.

Having a workspace that’s efficient and adds positivity to your workday will also help to neutralise the feeling of being exhausted and drained after a busy day.

On that note, the following are five simple tips to upgrade your workspace so that you might actually look forward to arriving into work in the morning:


1. Incorporate white desks

Adding white furniture for the office not only brightens up a room but it also makes it feel more spacious. Incorporating white colour furniture and fixtures such as white desks, chairs, shelves or wall units can dramatically redefine the look and feel of your workspace. In addition, white furniture will give your office a clean and neat vibe.


Tips for Updating your Office Space


And because a desk seems to be the centrepiece in most offices, it’s the first place that people look to when entering the space. Therefore, adding white desks to an office is the best place to start when attempting to lighten the space and give it a new look. You can then build the rest of the room around your white desks.


2. Repaint the walls using light or neutral colours

If you have a small office, using dark colours as the primary colour will make the room feel even smaller and more cramped. In contrast, painting the walls white or lighter hues of grey will make the room feel more spacious, bright and inviting. If you do want to add a pop of colour, try using the accent wall trick or paint the room trim in a dark colour such as black. Doing so will give your workspace a dramatic but contemporary feel, while still making the room appear larger than it is.


3. Make use of corner furniture

Use corner desk sets or shelving units to gain more space and create a better flow throughout the office. Making the most out of a room’s corner area maximises and opens up a working space, making it feel less cluttered. By maximising all of the space that you’ve got available in the corners of your office, you can totally open up the centre of the room and make it a lot more inviting for those that will be entering.

4. Use accessories to organise and de-clutter

Make use of filing cabinets, folders, trays and baskets to create a filing system for your paper flow.To stay organised, enforce a system whereby everything is colour coded with tabs or markers to prioritise and segregate all of your paper work. De-clutter the entire area and get rid of things that you no longer need or use on a daily basis.

If you’re guilty of leaving computer cables sprawled across the office floor, tidy them up with clips and ties. Although all of these actions may seem pretty obvious, they can make a huge impact.

Updating your office space doesn’t have to involve a costly renovation project. In fact, as you’ll have seen from the above info, all you need is some good quality corner furniture and white desks, some fresh paint on the walls and a lot of organising and de-cluttering.

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