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Good News For Men Who Suffer From Hair Loss

Hair loss causes frustration and embarrassment for millions of men around the world, and for most of history there were only three options when male pattern baldness took hold; shave it off, let it fall out gradually or wear a wig. There were also folk remedies and old wive’s tales about how to cure baldness, all of which were merely wishful thinking and hocus pocus.


Good News For Men Who Suffer From Hair Loss

Good News For Men Who Suffer From Hair Loss

Thankfully the modern era of medicine and scientific research has brought with it a range of effective treatments which not only work well but are also surprisingly affordable. Here is a look at the options for dealing with hair loss that men can use today.



This active ingredient is found in hair loss treatment products like Regaine, which can be ordered from Manual.co. It is typically applied as a spray, with patients squirting it directly onto the scalp to stop hair loss in its tracks.

Originally developed in the 1960s, Minoxidil works by boosting the blood flow around the follicles on the head. This has the effect of encouraging them to shed the strands that currently occupy them and then start generating new hairs to sprout in their place.

While Minoxidil is not guaranteed to be effective for every person who uses it, it does work for around 66 per cent of men. It is also worth noting that it needs to be used twice daily on an indefinite basis, since its effects are only temporary. Even so, if it works for you then it could be the hair loss solution to consider.



In terms of effectiveness, Finasteride takes the cake amongst the 21st century hair loss treatments that men can try out. Up to 90 per cent of patients see positive results and rather than having to apply it to the scalp, you can simply ingest it in pill form once a day.

Rather than stimulating blood vessels, Finasteride prevents testosterone that the body creates naturally from being changed into DHT. This is relevant in a hair loss context because DHT has the effect of reducing the size of otherwise healthy hair follicles.

At the very least you can expect that taking Finasteride will stop hair loss in its tracks and in many cases it will also promote the growth of hair in areas where it had previously been thinning. Because of the way it functions, Finasteride is only suitable for men, not for women.



Hair transplants have become both more sophisticated and more commonplace in recent years, spurred on by their adoption by high profile celebrity sufferers of male pattern baldness.

Hair transplants can of course be both painful and costly, with the upfront expense making them less attractive to many patients than the far more affordable medical solutions. Even so, it is good to know that there are so many options on offer for men who suffer from hair loss and are hoping to tackle this thorny problem with tangible results.


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