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How to bring more natural light into a home


How to bring more natural light into a home

How to bring more natural light into a home


How to bring more natural light into a home

Do you wonder how to bring more natural light into a home?

Oh, how I love a well lit home, don’t you?

I don’t mean one with lots and lots of artificial light (although a few lamps here or there can just  be lovely in the winter time.) What I really love is natural light, flooding a home and make it look bright and clean and fresh and airy.


Blogging and vlogging

As a vlogger, I shoot a lot of films indoors in winter and when the light is dim these can all look so dreary. Sure they can be brightened by artificial lights but it never ever looks as good. And, oh my goodness there is just so much faffing around involved.

I end up tripping over wires, sitting at funny angles and baking under the heat of the lamps. Messing around with artificial light is a complete pain when it comes to blogging too. For example, I end up taking photographs of things I have cooked. In winters these end up placed inside little white photography tents.

Or I have to dodge the rain taking photographs of my plates outside. It all gets a little ridiculous.

Oh, how I long for more natural light in our home.

The winter blues

I definitely get a touch of the winter blues and this is attributable to a lack of natural light. We have a SAD lamp and it does seem to cheer me up somewhat but oh, it is not the same. I crave getting outside into the natural light and walking those winter blues away.


How to introduce more natural light

There are a few great ways to bring natural light into the home and this is something I am definitely wanting to do.  Let’s have a look at some of the things that can be done:

  • My conservatory has an old corrugated roof. getting rid of this and having it replaced with a beautifully clear glass roof would just be gorgeous.
  • Painting the walls white – this is a super simple but effective way to reflect natural light back into a room and it is a cheap and cheerful option. If you find white dull a great piece of colourful art on the walls can easily break up the monotony.


  • Mirrors also bounce around and reflect natural light. So simply increasing the number of mirrors in your home will help a great deal with this. You do need mirrors to be a decent size though, teeny tiny, decorative ones will just not do the trick.



  • Roof lanterns are an interesting, attractive and practical way to open up a dark space and bring in a  lovely amount of natural light. They look so beautiful, don’t they? Imagine looking up and just being able to see the sky and watch the clouds drift by. Then, imagine watching the stars at night and seeing the moon. Now wouldn’t that be magic? How fabulous to light a basement or a particularly gloomy room with lantern roof lights
  • Not using window dressings such as curtains or blinds is a very easy way to increase the amount of natural light that can come into a room – though obviously privacy is important. A roller blind that runs tightly to the top may be your best option here.
  • Cleaning your windows regularly may seem such an obvious thing to do but it really will make a difference to the amount of light able to stream in.

So there are some inexpensive and easy options to increasing light in the home and some more elbaorate and effortful ones but I would say every speck of natural light increased is worth it.


I hope you have found my post on how to bring more natural light into a home useful. You can find more of my home and interiors post here


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