How to find the silver lining

How to find the silver lining

Life is full of ups and downs- there’s no denying that, and when you’re in a situation where everything seems to be going wrong, you probably want to just get into bed and stay there for days until a magical solution appears- but you definitely also know that it isn’t going to happen right?

Here’s how to handle those rather tough situations better- by looking for the silver lining, and making the best of your life.



Look for the Positive Side

Easier said than done right? Trying to look at the positive side of a situation may seem downright impossible, but it actually isn’t. Instead of letting the bad situation tear you down and render you helpless, let it frame you into something bigger. Dig for the positive side of the situation- you always always will find one- probably more. Practising gratefulness daily, even if it seems forced for a while, is one of the best ways to beat negativity, disappointment and judgement.


Treat it as a Chance to Reevaluate

Sometimes, being affected by a crisis can push you into re-evaluating your life, and once you actually start doing it, you’ll notice how much things can work in your favor. So be it a fight with a friend or a family member, or being stuck in a crappy job- spend some time re-evaluating the basics of your life. Is this what you really want? Does this really make you happy? Is this where you see yourself in the next 5 years? Asking yourself these questions will help you make the right decisions.


What Else Now?

Whenever you’re stuck in a bad situation or somewhere you don’t like- ask yourself this- now that I have this, how can I make the best out of it? Include this practise in your daily life, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you emerge victorious out of a seemingly difficult situation. Think of yourself as a cook, and that the situation you’re in are your ingredients. How can you make the best use of the ingredients that you have to put forth a wonderful metaphorical dish that is your life?


Is it an Opportunity?

When things seem to be going downhill, take a step back and observe the situation from a distance. Do you find an opportunity hidden somewhere in there? A little something that will help you grow? Or maybe something that allows you to do something you weren’t able to do earlier? Take some time to think over how the situation that you seem to be stuck in actually has some hidden gems in the form of opportunities that you can use to your benefit.


Remember your Power

No matter how bad the situation seems, remember that you always have the power to change it. A lot of us tend to blame the people around us when things go wrong, or some higher power that we believe in, but in reality, we are, more often than not, at least partially in control of our situation.

So if you’re feeling unhappy or sad, remember that you yourself, have the power to change it or at least how you feel about  it.


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