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How to Celebrate Vegan Day

I had been wondering how to celebrate Vegan day and thinking that we really should.



When is World Vegan Day?

World Vegan Day is an annual event celebrated by vegans around the world every 1 November.

Veganism is a fairly new thing in our family so we missed this date (oops)  BUT we did want to celebrate our daughters Vegan anniversary. Aged just 12 she decided early last November that she loved animals so much she did not want, in a way to harm them.


The many benefits of beginning to become a Vegan

Being vegan iss well documented as both excellent for our physical health and well being and an absolutely brilliant choice for the planet too. There is nothing not to love about veganism and it is an excellent choice for everybody there are so many great vegan foods out thee these days and it is so much more acceptable and catered for. 


L’s Vegan Journey

L had been vegetarian from birth as we all are, but this was an entirely independent decision and she has stuck to it.

From the start and with no complaints even when she has been unable to eat pizza or sweets or when the alternatives were dull or tasted a bit funny. She has learned to cook, has tried lots of new foods and she has been experimental, creative and positive.

I could not really be more proud of her. 

To start with she ate a huge amount of baked beans but I am happy to say she will now eat pretty much anything vegan and she has a really healthy, tasty and varied diet.



How to Celebrate Vegan Day

We decided to make L’s celebration a surprise.

The awesome folk at Tara’s Wonder World Balloon and Party Decor Shop sent us a gorgeous DIY balloon garland to review. It looked daunting but was super easy to put together with the clearest of step by step instruction and we awere able to shape it as we pleased. 

At £14.95 it made a spectacular showpiece for the party and L absolutely thought it was marvellous – really special.





A Special Vegan Tea

We bought L a little surprise gift (the phone case that looks like a camera case from Emily in Paris in case you were wondering) and we bought in a lovely Vegan Party tea from a specialist teashop in our city. She literally had no idea at all and was delighted.

We each wrote her a little letter too for her to keep, telling her we were proud of her compassion and empathy for animals and her commitment to her ideas and a great attitude towards being different.

It was all really rather lovely.


I think we might make L’s vegan birthday a yearly event it was great fun.

I think we did a good job of figuring out how to celebrate vegan day and championing our superstar daughter. Vegan samosa anyone?

Do you have any thoughts on how to celebrate vegan day to share. If so please do drop a comment below 


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