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How to Create the Perfect Kitchen

How to create the perfect kitchen – simple tips for the perfect space


How to create the perfect kitchen


How to create the perfect kitchen – top tips

Have you wondered how to create the perfect kitchen?

Creating the perfect kitchen is all about planning, if done right you’ll have a functional and comfortable space that will last for many years and can add thousands to the value of your home.

I have long desired to create the perfect kitchen but haven’t really known quite where to start.

The kitchen is absolutely the heart of my home and it needs to be both comfortable and practical but I also want to to look stylish to as we really do spend so much time in it and entertain in there regularly.,

The kitchen design team at Mayfair Granite have shared their top considerations for planning and designing the perfect kitchen and I feel inspired to get to work on mine!


Creating a social hub

An island bench can create a focal point in the room whilst providing extra storage space and a social hub for the whole family to gather round. – I love this idea it is really nice to have a place where you can ll come together


How to create the perfect kitchen


Getting the right shape – create the perfect kitchen

An L-shaped kitchen design is a great option for open plan kitchens it also maximises the floor space for families and couples to cook together without getting into each other’s way.  i think this is really important it really stresses me out when the kids are under my feat when i am cooking.

If space is an issue, they suggest opting for a U-shaped kitchen design; these designs usually feature integrated appliances which are great for keeping a uniform style. I really like this sense of cohesion and uniformity and the idea that space is maximised.


Choosing the right materials

For worktops, Mayfair Granite recommends traditional materials such as granite, quartz and marble, I like the fact these are  durable and low maintenance options that will last a lifetime. In terms of cabinets, cost is usually the defining factor and wood remains highly desirable, however gloss is increasingly popular and I love its hygienic and shiny look.


How to create the perfect kitchen with lighting

Lighting is also an important consideration for creating the right balance of ambience and function in the kitchen. Mayfair Granite suggest where possible you should maximise natural light as it makes the space look bigger and brings the outside in,

This isn’t always a possibility ( we have only a small window ourselves) and we use spotlights to really bring light to specific unlit areas but there are so many options.


How to create the perfect kitchen


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