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How To Stop Garden Pests Damaging Your Crops

Gardening can be a very rewarding hobby, but it’s not without its challenges. One of the toughest is dealing with pesky pests that find their way into your garden and eat up all your hard work. If you are tired of dealing with these little guys, then this blog post has some great ways to stop them in their tracks!

Use Garden Netting To Prevent Birds

Garden netting is great for keeping birds from nibbling on your plants. It can be wrapped around a branch or tied to stakes, and it will keep the little guys away without hurting them!

Choosing the right size of mesh important though. A mesh size of 20mm and smaller will prevent pigeons from getting in while a larger mesh size of 100mm will prevent larger birds from perching and entering your netted off area.

Prevent Slugs And Snails With Copper Wire

Slugs are especially problematic for gardeners. They love to eat holes in your leaves and leave little slime trails everywhere they go! One way you can get rid of them is by creating a barrier with copper wire around the base of your plants. This will prevent slugs from crawling over, ensuring that only the good bugs are welcome in your garden.


How To Stop Garden Pests Damaging Your Crops


You can also use slug tape which is basically a copper wire that has been rolled up into a large spiral. It works the same way, and it can be easily cut to fit any size or shape of the planter box.

Use Egg Shells As Natural Copper Barrier – How To Stop Garden Pests Damaging Your Crops

Slugs aren’t the only garden pests that you can prevent from ruining your crops with copper wire. If slugs are a problem, then snails are too! They are equally as destructive to plants, and they love cucumbers just as much as slugs do!

To stop them in their tracks before it’s too late, you can create a barrier around plants with eggshells. This help keep slugs away because the eggshells are sharp and the little guys don’t like crawling over them.

You will notice that they avoid any areas where you have used it, which means no more slime trails or holes in leaves left by these pesky pests – yay!

Use Vinegar And Soap To Keep Pests Out Of Your Garden

If you are looking for something more environmentally friendly than using chemicals in your garden, then you can try using vinegar and soap. This mixture will stop snails in their tracks too, meaning they won’t be ruining your plant any time soon!

All you need is a spray bottle that has been filled with one part of white distilled vinegar and two parts water. You then add about half a teaspoon of dishwashing soap to the mix. Shake up the spray bottle and then go outside for some spraying!


Stop Garden Pests With Natural Repellants

Sometimes the best way to stop garden pests is by using their natural predators! One such solution that works very well for many people is ladybugs. These little ladies eat other bugs all day long, and they can be a great solution for your garden!

Other bugs you can use are called lacewings, and they look like little green bugs with huge eyes. They also eat other kinds of insects that are harmful to your plants so it’s a win-win situation for everyone!


How To Stop Garden Pests Damaging Your Crops


Use Bird Scarers To Keep Birds Out

Bird scarers and scarecrows are simple and effective garden pest control methods. They are very inexpensive, and they make a big impact. One of the main advantages of using bird scarers is that they don’t harm the birds- instead, they frighten them away.

You can place bird scarers around your garden with ease because there are many different kinds of products you can use to make these simple pest control methods work for you! Some are motion-activated devices that start spraying water at any animal or person who enters an area of your garden.

Other types have a sound device that produces loud noises to scare away any animals or birds who come near it. You can also use fake owls and other predator decoys too, which work very well for keeping birds from eating all of the fruit off of trees!

Conclusion: Keep Your Crops Safe!

Gardening can be hard work, but with some simple tips like these, you can keep pests from ruining all of your hard work. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of planning and preparation to keep your garden safe, healthy, and pest-free!


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