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My Home Design Plans

My Home Design Plans for the year ahead.

I have been thinking about 2017 and what I want to do for my home and I have some grand plans.

Home Design Plans for 2017


My Home Design Plans

Fresh paint

Our home hasn’t been painted in quite some time so the whole house needs painting (it’s not very big so this really isn’t as big a job as it sounds.) I want it all white and bright and light. A clean canvas.

We are thinking of moving next year so we need to really smarten the house up but not spend too much in the process.

My heart is saying hardwood floors as I just love them but I am wondering if cheaper neutral carpets might be best?


The kitchen

In the kitchen I really want to incorporate a neutral scheme too and create a more minimalist, industrial look. Am loving these chairs from the Bouclair Home furniture store.

They would fit into the scheme I have in mind perfectly! I would also need a fabulous matching wooden table too I think, a large one with a slightly scruffy top.




I love a bedroom to look really simple with great fabrics. Ours is rather blue at the moment and it is definitely time for a change.

I am also rather taken with the grey, beautifully textured bed linen from Bouclair Home, see how well it goes with the white walls and hard wood floors too.



We have red sofas in the lounge and I want to replace them with grey too. To keep costs down I may just replace the covers. It is an Ikea sofa so this really do-able and an effective easy change to make.



Plants add so much to a home don’t they? Beauty, earthiness, fresh clear air. I am definitely going to invest in some lovely plants in the new year to add some vitality to my home.



And last but most definitely not least, I have been considering my loft. Browsing the possibilities of loft conversions by Tailored Lofts has left me drooling at the possibilities. The extra space would be magical and I love the idea of a little child free retreat at the top of the house.



So I have all my ideas in place – now to just make it happen.

Do you have any home design plans and ideas for your interiors  for 2017?


My Home Design Plans is a collaborative post 





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