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Now’s The Time To Plan Your 2022 Grand National Trip


Plan Your 2022 Grand National Trip


The new year is the perfect opportunity to begin planning some trips. With Christmas done and dusted, it’s time to start looking at the forthcoming year and making some plans that’ll make it a year to remember. In terms of domestic travel, there are few events more enjoyable to attend than the Grand National, which will take place in April in Liverpool. Prior to that you might want to take advantage of a free bet offer, to test your knowledge before you pick a winner for the big race. 

On this page, we’ll run through a few tips that will ensure your trip is as smooth and fun as possible.

Build Your Knowledge

You don’t need to be a horse racing expert to have a good time at the Grand National. But it’ll help if you’re not entirely new to the sport. In the months leading up to the races, be sure to tune into some races and familiarise yourself with the sport. They take place more or less every day, and you can also catch the action at the Cheltenham Races on TV; they take place around a month before the Grand National. 

Get Your Tickets

The Grand National isn’t just one race; it’s a festival that runs over several days. Your first decision will be to decide which day you want to attend. Thursday is for horse racing enthusiasts. Friday is “Ladies Day,” the most social day of the three (not just for ladies!). Saturday is the main event, which features the biggest race of the festival, indeed, one of the biggest horse races in the world. Most people attend on Friday or Saturday. Once you know which one will be right for your travelling party, take a look at the various ticketing options (VIP, anyone?), and make your booking. 

Book Accommodation

Finding accommodation won’t be necessary if you have friends or family in Liverpool that you can stay with. But if you don’t, then it’ll be essential. It’s recommended that you search for and book a hotel room (or Airbnb) as soon as you know that you’ll be going. The Grand National weekend is probably the biggest weekend in Liverpool’s calendar (more than 150,000 people attend!), so any hotel worth a pinch of salt is booked up quickly. To get the most from your trip, it’s recommended that you book accommodation in the centre of the city. 



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