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Pinterest Perfect: Inspiration for Your Garden Deck

Are you looking for  Inspiration for Your Garden Deck

From a lovely cup of tea in the garden, to a tasty barbecue with friends, a deck provides a platform for living your best life now. Where better than to dream up your new deck than on Pinterest?

One little search for deck inspiration brings up hundreds and thousands of pins. Where to begin? Wood decking. Hardwood decking. Composite decking. Deck flashing tape. Board choices. Colour options. Railings. Second-story decks.


Inspiration for Your Garden Deck


To help you distill some of your options, we offer a quick checklist of inspiring ideas for your garden deck.


First, choose your materials – Inspiration for Your Garden Deck

Most decks in the UK are built with timber; however, composite deck boards offer unmatched durability and design options. Yes, wood is less expensive, but also much more maintenance intensive.

Many composite boards come with a 25-year warranty, resist fading and scratching and should not rot, warp or splinter.

Made primarily of plastic, with some wood particles, composite boards are insect-proof and do not require annual staining. You can also feel good about your impact on Mother Nature, as composite decking manufacturers prevent thousands of plastic bags from becoming rubbish.



Still, most homeowners still opt for a wooden substructure, the beams and joists beneath the decking boards.

To protect them from rot and damage install deck flashing tape. For a small additional cost and a little more time during construction, you can prevent wood rot and metal fastener corrosion.


Second, consider your design options – Inspiration for Your Garden Deck

Here, you’ll enjoy spending hours online with Pinterest and other deck photo galleries. Look at different board patterns. Instead of straight lines, consider diagonal or herringbone designs. Admire inlays that look like sunbursts or compasses.

Look at fancy octagonal shapes and decks with multiple elevations. Do you want one level or stairs to another level? Plan for safety with beautiful stairs and sturdy railings.


Inspiration for Your Garden Deck


Plan a picture-frame deck for a clean and finished look. With a picture frame approach, you can often double up the joists on the edges of the deck. Talk to your home builder or handyperson about what design would fit well with the architecture of your home.


Third, create with colour – Inspiration for Your Garden Deck

Get creative with colours; go beyond just brown or darker brown. With today’s stain choices and composite boards, you can choose complementary or contrasting colours.


How should you choose the best hue for your deck?

Look first at the colour of your home. What will complement or contrast? 

If your home is a warm colour, choose from a family of hues in that range. Likewise, for a cool colour, stay in that colour wheelhouse. Consider your personal style: Do you prefer classic or contemporary looks? What fits with the character of your home? Talk to your builder or order samples online.


Fourth, think about lighting.

Lighting can be magical, whether it’s the warm glow of Edison bulbs or the patterned elegance of Moroccan-style lanterns.

Drape party lights across the top of your deck or install more permanent fixtures around the perimeter.


Inspiration for Your Garden Deck


Think about safety and as well as beauty when choosing your lighting. Add solar lights to the top of your posts to define the deck’s boundaries; include lights that shine on your stairs and make it clear where elevations change.


Fifth, look up.

One way to increase the beauty and utility of your deck is to plan for an overhead covering, such as an awning, pergola, roof or umbrella.

As you relax in your hammock and read your favorite new novel in the shade, even during a sunny summer day, you’ll be glad for the cover.


Inspiration for Your Garden Deck

Inspiration for Your Garden Deck

With the addition of an overhead covering, you can more easily install amenities that need a bit of protection.

Consider a weatherproof entertainment system, an outdoor kitchen or ceiling fans. Upgrade your outdoor living space with a fireplace or fire table. Dine al fresco or have friends over to watch a big match, no matter the weather.


Finally, furnish it beautifully!

While you’re planning colours and designs, don’t forget the furnishings and accessories. A weather-proof rug can help define your outdoor room. Go for furniture and cushions to complement your aesthetic, and if you’re handy, you might even build some pallet furniture.

Inspiration for Your Garden Deck


More Inspiration for Your Garden Deck

If you live in a city and want a modern, urban vibe, select chairs and tables with sleek lines. Go for contrasting materials with metal, wicker or slate. Choose a dramatic piece to serve as your centerpiece.

Don’t forget the accessories.

Along with fun additions such as throw pillows and potted plants, consider a deck box for off-season storage or built-in benches for expanded seating. Keep a cart handy to bring out drinks or food when you’re entertaining.

As you plan for your elevated garden experience, enjoy the possibilities on Pinterest, but make your deck your own. Soak up some inspiration and build something lovely. Spring will be here before you know it!


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