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Reasons Moms Prefer European Baby Formula

Lets take a look reasons mom prefer European baby formula

All parents wish the best for their children. As proper nutrition is crucial for infant development, health, and thrive, products used for feeding must be only top-grade. The ideal is a mom’s breast milk, but there are many situations when it is impossible to nurse a child with it, and a woman must buy infant milk.

Today, many parents are looking for an almost organic baby formula that would be safe, digestible, and rich in all important nutrients. But how to pick and where to buy? We know the answers! Choose your ideal, most suitable baby milk at Organic Best Shop and find reasons to prefer European baby milk formula below!


Reasons Moms Prefer European Baby Formula


Type of Baby Formula

First, we need to describe the types and forms of milk formula available on the market. In general, there are three groups of them: of animal origin (mainly cow), vegetable-based (chiefly made of soy), and some specific formulas for premature kids or infants with some diseases, which must be recommended by a pediatrician. All of these formulas could be presented in three forms: 

  • Powder that must be mixed with water (the ratio is mentioned on the can)
  • Liquid baby milk that should be diluted with water in the correct proportion (find on the pack)
  • A ready-made formula that does not depend on some additional action (but it is expensive)

Also, you can find American organic baby formula on the market and European organic baby milk (HiPP, Holle, and others). There is a big dispute about which one is better because both have various benefits. However, most modern parents prefer specifically European Baby Formula for many reasons.


baby feeding with EU formula


Why You Should Prefer European Baby Formula

On the Internet, you can find many articles discussing U.S. infant milk and European one. During last years, the latter one wins this competition due to several factors:

Organic ingredients mimic natural breast milk

It seems to be logical that milk formula should be as much similar as possible to natural breast milk. European formulas are developed under the meticulous control of regulatory authorities. As the base of any baby milk formula is a range of carbohydrates gained from sugars and starches, EU controllers have a narrow list of possible sources.

It could be lactose, maltose, glucose, glucose syrup, pre-cooked starch, maltodextrins, and gelatinized starch. On the other hand, in the U.S, producers often use corn syrup, which is not good for babies’ stomachs. Additionally, in the EU, producers can use goat milk as a base for infant milk. It is much gentler for kids’ tummies and can be eaten by children who can’t digger cow milk proteins. Also, U.S. formula manufacturers prefer to use skimmed milk mixed with vegetable oils, while European use full one and give your baby a chance to receive necessary mammalian fat.

Approved list of recommended and prohibited inclusions 

Besides limitations of possible carbohydrate sources, which must be gluten-free, EU Commission has a list of required and prohibited supplements. Today, all providers should use DHA (a fatty acid) and abscond from sesame seed, palm, or cottonseed oil as a derivation of fatty acids.

Also, all kinds of gum and soluble fibers are forbidden, while different probiotics and amino acids are required. All of these rules are aimed to make milk formula hypoallergic and safe for babies. 

High standards of every manufacturing step 

European Union attentively looks after producers of baby milk formula. Only products made completely with organic ingredients are certified as organic. Controllers check farms to exclude hormones, pesticides, GMOs, etc. plump into milk. If the rule is broken, the manufacturer won’t receive an organic certificate.

Some providers have even stricter internal requirements. Holle, for example, uses only milk from Demeter-certified farms, while Lebenswert ­ from Bioland-certified.


organic production of baby milk formula


A great diversity of assortment

One more feature of European providers is a wide range of products. You can find something special for your child even if he or she has health problems, allergies, or something else. For example:

  • HiPP Comfort – special formula contain special ingredients that have shown to have a favourable impact on the digestive function
  • HiPP Anti-Reflux – in cases of increased burping & spitting-up
  • HiPP Hypoallergenic – special formula contain hydrolised protein (low in allergens). The safe formula for infants with an increased risk of allergy.
  • Holle Goat Milk Formula – goat’s milk is an excellent base for baby formulas as it contains a slightly different protein profile that many babies find easier to tolerate.

Changes during growing up are taken into account

U.S. infant milk is generalized. Producers do not consider that 1-month babies are very different from 12-month ones, and they need a different complex of nutrients to be healthy. Europeans know this and diversify their assortment into several groups for babies of different ages. You can choose the most suitable baby formula and be sure that it is full of all the necessary elements. Additionally, as we mentioned above, there is a big choice among basic milk and added supplements.

A large community of parents and experts who discover and discuss European baby formula

Somebody can think that it is not an important reason, but we do not agree. Open data and public discussion help to identify points of growth for producers. Also, you can find like-minded people, ask them for some help if there are problems with the determination of suitable organic baby formula, or learn more interesting and useful facts about products to make the life and growth of your infant easier and happier. 

Easy to order online

Last but not least. Most of us get used to buying anything through the Internet with delivery to our doors. European baby formula could be bought online, while US products mainly not. Also, the chance to order online allows you to buy a lot of positions at once rather than going to the shop and standing in a queue. 

This list is not full. We can say more about special patented manufacturing technologies of HiPP or Holle, farming standards of EU, and a lot of other information. It was the main reasons why parents choose the European formula. 

*Please also note that breast milk is always the best source of nutrition for your baby.


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