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Affordable Ways to Transform Your Home 2021

Affordable ways to transform your home 2021

It’s that time of the year again where everybody is feeling a little sluggish after time off at Christmas and we are all setting goals for the 12 months ahead.

Why not take this opportunity to take your home from a dull and dingy place where you live to a space that you love and cherish being in? Whilst many of us are spending a lot more time indoors at the moment, this is the opportune moment to take your house to the next level!

Let’s explore the best ways to do so, on a budget …


affordable ways to transform your home


Affordable ways to transform your home


Update your lighting

If you’ve been suffering from a poorly lit living room, a bulb in the kitchen that won’t stop flickering or even artificial light that is uncomfortably bright then the answer to your problems might just be Ultra LEDs lighting range. Coming in different shapes and dimmable options, LED bulbs (such as E27 ones) are great value for money and you don’t have to compromise on the quality. What’s the point in having a lovely home if you can’t even see it properly after the sun goes down?!


Replace your carpets – Affordable ways to transform your home

How many years have you had the same carpets? Are they looking a little tired and worn out now? It gets to the point where the best option is to replace them or generously cover them with a rug. Although it may seem daunting, replacing your carpets is something you can do yourself if you research it thoroughly enough. Alternatively, you could patch your carpets if there are just one or two specific blemishes you want to eliminate – this might be the better option if you’re generally happy with your carpeting. 



Have a deep cleanse

Whilst you probably feel as though you are cleaning all year long, how often do you have a really deep clean of your home? For many people, it’s a rarity. Start by making a list of all of the rooms in your home. Then consider areas you need to focus on. For example, in the kitchen you have the oven, fridge, windows, floor, sink, extractor fan… the list goes on. 

Often, out of convenience, these areas don’t get your full attention whilst cleaning, as it is very fiddly having to take every item of food out of the fridge to clean the inside. However, especially in a space where you are eating, it is vital that you do perform the necessary cleaning, otherwise it could become a health hazard.

Get the right supplies, along with your marigolds, and start scrubbing. For a cheaper option, you can look into homemade cleaning remedies. Your home will look, feel and smell amazing afterwards – trust us.



Get rid of your clutter – Affordable ways to transform your home 2021

Sometimes it seems impossible to stay on top of your clutter and mess, as it just keeps on multiplying. However, the sooner you get on top of this, the better. Look around each room, from cupboard to corner, assessing the things you own.

If there are items you haven’t used in years or don’t intend to use at all then sell, bin or give them to charity. It’ll be a weight off your shoulders. Just don’t use this as an excuse to then buy more unnecessary bits!


Simple, affordable ways to transform your home 2021

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