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The Amazing Benefits of Amazon Echo

The amazing benefits of Amazon Echo – what they are and how it works.


The amazing benefits of Amazon Echo. benefits of Amazon Echo


The many benefits of Amazon Echo

Do you have an Amazon Echo?

Ever since we got ours I have been absolutely raving about the benefits of Amazon Echo to almost everyone who will listen. I think I have led so many people to buy it I should probably have bought shares!

Here is why I love it so much.

Let’s take a look at the amazing benefits of Amazon Echo



What is the Amazon Echo?

So I guess we should start with the basics – what actually is Amazon Echo? Well, put simply Amazon Echo is a hands-free ‘smart’ speaker which control by using your voice. Each Echo connects to the Alexa to play music, ask questions, make calls, play games and so on

Within the Amazon Echo family are a number of products including the Echo Dot, the Plus, the Show and the Spot. These are varieties of the same concept. Some have screens, some have better speakers but all can work independently of each other.



So what can the Amazon Echo do?

There are so many benefits to the Amazon Echo and so many things it can do, let me share with you some of my most favourite:

  • You can control smart home products with the Echo. You can control the lights in your house, you can control the temperature you could even open and close your garage doors. How amazing is that?
  • You can play games with Alexa, my daughter does this all the time, animal guessing games and various music games, so much fun! It is so very easy for kids to use and they soon get the hang of it.
  • You can play pretty much any music you fancy – we have had many a kitchen disco to Alexa tunes. I love that I can shout out any old song I fancy and on it comes – and the radio of course! You can link up to Amazon Prime music and Spotify for just about every song you could think of.
  • The Amazon Echo can tell you the weather forecast too -this is extremely handy just before the school run and we use this a lot. I also ask Alexa travel distances and maths questions! Alexa is VERY clever and super helpful
  • You can have shopping lists on Alexa and this is very useful too as I often just find out I need things as I am cooking and without a pen and paper to hand!
  • Alexa is a big help in the kitchen in lots of ways-  she can work out conversions, she can give find you a recipe if you have a smart switch she can even start up your coffee machine for you. Impressive stuff!
  • It can set a timer – okay this might sound basic but oh my goodness I use and cherish this every day. I set timers for pieces of work..the kid’s screen time, for things I am cooking. It is absolutely so useful.
  • You can even get fit with Alexa – you can activate a workout app, ask for calories in food and even sync your fit bit to it – isn’t that cool!

Now I could go on and on with this list and Alexas features are enhanced I and increased regularly. Amazon Echo is indispensable and fun!



Some Amazon Echo questions you may have …

These are the 2 Amazon Echo questions I hear the most – I hope this helps!

Do I Need An Amazon Echo To Use The Dot?

The Echo Dot (despite its teeny size and price) can work totally independently.


Which Amazon Echo should you choose for your home?

We all know the Amazon Echo is a pretty fantastic product but how on earth do we decide which amazon echo is right for us. Well you can stop worrying right now because if you want help choosing then this fabulous guide to which is the best Amazon Echo is for you


So yes, in my opinion, Amazon Echo absolutely rocks, you have lots of options of products at varying price points and you have a whole multitude of benefits too. Just an amazing invention, I love it!


I do hope you have found this post on the benefits of Amazon Echo to be useful.


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