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5 Things You Should Do When Buying A New Build Home 

Things You Should Do When Buying A New Build

Going through the process of buying a new home can be somewhat exciting. Deciding on an ideal location and size of the house can be time-consuming to some but also thrilling to others.  

With the recent announcement in the Government’s budget that the Stamp Duty holiday is being extended further into 2021, there is no surprise that many people will be reading this who are considering taking the plunge and buying a new home. 

Whether you have decided to take advantage of this extension and are in the process of looking for your new ideal home or are going to do so at some point soon, there are things that you should do when buying a new build home. Of which will be considered further below. Read on for more ideas on 5 Things You Should Do When Buying A New Build Home 


Things You Should Do When Buying A New Build Home 

5 Things You Should Do When Buying A New Build Home 



Things You Should Do When Buying A New Build

Decide On Where You Want to Live: 

It can seem like a somewhat straightforward decision to make but is worth considering highly during the purchasing process. Naturally, if you are buying a new build home, you would want to be in the house for as long as possible.

While that is the case, it is worth deciding on a location that you would be comfortable living many years in; the last thing that you want is to decide on a place, buy the house, and find that you are not happy where you are. Doing adequate research into the surrounding areas before going ahead with the sale can give you a better idea of what to expect. 


Plan Your Moving Date: 

Another suggestion that could seem glaringly obvious but something that makes a world of difference in the long-term. By knowing exactly when you will be moving, you allow yourself time to plan for other important aspects of the move, including packing and storing your belongings. 

Particularly if you are moving a great distance, using self storage units provided by companies such as Safe Storage provides reassurance that your items will be kept in a safe place during this time. What’s more, you needn’t worry about lugging your belongings back and forth, on the off-chance that there is a delay to your build, and subsequently, your move-in date. 


Make Childcare Arrangements: 

While it is understandable that moving to a new house is exciting for your children and that they want to do their part to help, but often, you find that your children are just getting under your feet! Making appropriate childcare arrangements, where applicable, gives you plenty of time to organise your big move and peace of mind that they will be out of harm’s way when the oversized furniture items are being shifted around.

You won’t need to be checking over your shoulder every five seconds to see where they are; what a relief that is for you! 



Consider Conducting A Snagging Survey: 

While most new build homes come with a warranty – most of the time, this is a ten year one – you will already have some sort of survey conducted on the build. While this is the case and attaches itself to the house rather than the person living there – allowing the next people to live there the same warranty if you were to sell up in that time – nothing is stopping you from conducting a snagging survey of your own; this allows you to get in-depth into your new home and spot any potential issues. 


Think How You Would Like To Decorate: 

One of the most exciting parts of buying a home, whether a new build or a previously owned home, decorating the place that you will call home, and making it your own, is something that you should consider as well. Are you going to redecorate completely and buy new pieces of furniture, or are you going to upcycle some of your existing items? The choice is entirely yours. 


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