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Tips for updating your home interior on a tight budget


updating your interior on a tight budget, interor update on a budget



Updating your home interior on a tight budget – top tips


Are you  wanting tips on updating your home interior on a tight budget? If so read on …..

Whether you want to make your bedroom cosier or add more natural light to your living area, if a tight budget is getting in the way of the desire to update your home, then read our guide on how you can design a space that will suit you without breaking the bank and update your home interior on a tight budget


Restore your original floor tiles

If your home still has some of its original floor tiles, it’s likely that they’ll be broken, loose or grimy enough to detract people from their original charm. Consider restoring these tiles to their former glory rather than getting a whole new floor, and you’re bound to save some pennies. 


Add a fresh lick of paint

This is probably the cheapest and easiest way to give the interior of your home a new lease of life, and it’s usually best to go for a neutral colour that will provide the ideal palette for the addition of colourful furnishings and accessories. A fresh neutral colour such as white or cream can also make your room feel lighter all year round.

Try tile transfers

If you think your kitchen or bathroom is in need of a makeover, why not try tile transfers – a cheap and easy way to add character to a tiled room. These are available from most home stores in the UK and with a variety to choose from, you should be able to find one that perfectly suits the new look of your room.  If you’re struggling to come up with interior design ideas, a professional company such as Kia Designs can always guide you in the right direction.


Upcycle second-hand furniture

Upcycling old furniture has become an incredibly popular option in the past few years, whether on a budget or not. Find inspiration on sites such as Pinterest about how to paint old tables or how to reupholster old chairs. More often than not, the cost you’ll pay for an item of second-hand furniture as well as the tools to give it some TLC will still end up being a lot less than if you were to buy something brand new.


Invest in hardware finishes

For someone who wants to give their home a custom look, changing hardware is an option that’s cheap and cheerful.  Draw knobs in the kitchen, for example, can be replaced with unique pieces that can give your home a vintage feel. Don’t think that all of your fixture finishes need to look the same – mixing it up a little will give your home a more eclectic look.


Create a feature wall

A bright, patterned wall is a great way to add vibrancy to an otherwise drab interior. Choose a colourful paint or a lively wallpaper to cover one wall and wah-la; you have a seriously stylish feature wall. Chimney breasts are a great choice for a feature wall because they already tend to be the focal point of the room but if you have a smaller space, giving only a section of the wall this treatment is usually the best option.


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