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Things to Consider When Viewing a Property

Today – Things to Consider When Viewing a Property

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’ve been in the housing market for a while, viewing a property is always a really important process. There are so many important factors to consider, so it’s really beneficial to go in there with an open mind and a plan. It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning to buy or you’re taking a look around for some inspiration, there are always key features that you need to think about to make the most out of the viewing.


Things to Consider When Viewing a Property


Top Things to Consider When Viewing a Property

Here are a few of the most important things to consider, to ensure your property viewing goes the way you want it to.


Check the Structure

Throughout their lives, houses can gain slight hairline cracks, and these are nothing to worry about. When a building has issues with the structure, however, there will be big cracks in the walls that should raise alarm bells in your mind. Try to look at areas were the extension may join, window areas and so on, as these are where the cracks are more than likely to take place. If you feel the building structure is not as it should be, then you can always turn to a surveyor to review the building before you go any further.


Things to Consider When Viewing a Property

North or South Facing

One of the main things you want for your home, especially throughout the summer months, is for it to be warm, bright and sunny. You want your home to receive as much sunlight as possible on those sunnier days, as this will help to brighten your whole home and also enable you to enjoy the garden too. The last thing you want is for your home to be positioned in a way that means its covered by shade all day long! Figure out how the lighting will fall throughout the year and then you can make your decision on what works for you.

Window and Roof Checks

It can be difficult to see the exact condition of the windows and roofing from ground level, and you don’t really want to be climbing a ladder when you come to view the property. All estate agents or homeowners will be able to tell you the current condition of the windows and roof, so you can gain a full understanding of how they’ve been maintained. If you find there are slight issues, you can either opt to have these seen to before, or you can try to knock the price down slightly for this incontinence. It is always really important to ensure the windows are free from cracks or dents, just like your roofing needs to have all tiles intact with no leaking or damage that could cause issues further down the line.

Plumbing and Electricity Flow

Checking that the plumbing and electricity throughout the house is working properly is vital. If you don’t check these then you may find yourself having to spend lots of money in the near future. Run the taps throughout the house for a few seconds to figure out whether the plumbing is as it should be or not. You should also check the electricity, especially in the kitchen, as you sometimes find that the kitchen can run on a separate loop to the rest of the home. If you do find any issues regarding these two sources, then you need to raise this with the owner or estate agent so that it can be sorted for you before you make a decision.

Assess the Area

When you decide to move into a new area, you need to know exactly what to expect. Have a good look at the surrounding areas to the location you are currently viewing, to see how they are and whether or not they’re the kind of areas you want to be in. Take in all of the surroundings such as local shops, restaurants, parks and so on, as these factors will have a huge impact on your final decision when buying a home.



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