Using a colour wheel to plan your room

Today – Using a colour wheel to plan your room

colour selector, Using a colour wheel to plan your room


Using a colour wheel to plan your room – top tips

Do you wonder how to go absout usign a colour wheel to plan your room?

Well, in order to help you out George at Asda have created a colour wheel full of advice on how to create a colour scheme for your house/room. All you need to do is pick your wall colour and you get a host of other colours to consider when matching furniture and room accessories!

You can see read all about this and take a good look at the colour wheel here


A colour wheel problem!

This sounded great in theory but I had a bit of a problem. All my walls are white! So instead I tried to match the dominant colour in the room when looking to accessorize.

To practice with the colour wheel by reviewing some of George Home products I chose my son’s bedroom. This has white walls with blue accessories, but was looking rather tired and dull.




With blue being the dominant colour I went for more blues and turquoise. Although the colour wheel didn’t tell me to, I kept the white in there too as I like it and it makes the room look fresh and clean.

“The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts.” ~Marcus Aurelius


Using a colour wheel to plan your room – does it work?

What do you think?








Using a colour wheel to plan your room – does it make a difference?

I think it looks lots better and much more cohesive.

The bedside light runs on batteries and looks so cute in the little glass jar. We are going to invest in a few of these fairy light jars for the garden too.  The bedside table is practical and sleek and the duvet is a bargain £8 and is reversible in case you fancy a change!

We went for a plain cushion in the end (there is a lot going on in this room) but I think the colour selector did a good job with the turquoise and the blue. It looks good. I cannot wait to get the beanbag in too.

A simple and inexpensive room makeover with George Home, helped hugely by their colour wheel!


Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” ~Wassily Kandinsky


How to use a colour wheel, using a colour wheel to plan your room has so many benefits and takes away those tricky colour decisions #colourwheel #colourfuldecor #colorwheel r



Using a colour wheel to plan your room make it a lot simpler! You might also like my post on where to start decluttering


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